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The Drama
So yea first thanks for clicking on meh :3 ! then i am a very happy person (ironically most ppl think i'm the most angry one XD) IDK why they think tht >:D *wink*.yeah so whatever i joined smackjeeves cuz i love creativity and CARTOONS! so watch my projects (they're not gonna be ALL a leonardo's davinchi draw,cuz im new at this)
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izzy is gone, explosivo is back for some boom boom D:
O_O , Yeeaaah, ok.

1st.- i DO know the comic IS crap , purely crap.
then i do not like it either. so you can hate/like/love it if you want. i still won't care. why? , i don't upload this anymore. since MONTHS ago. If you didn't notice <_<.
and yeah, sorry for my grammar mistakes , i barely knew how to write in englsih.(it's not my natal lenguage (if you didn't notice)) now the part of your comment that REALLY made me laugh. was the ego part. ok . EGO?, EGO?, REALLY!?!. well that'S YOUR opinion so. i respect it, even tho i know it's completley wrong (the ego part. if you didn't notcie, again 03))
then...agh, im just 13! my artis/writer carrer is just BEGGINIG! geez i also have a life, plus this comic was full of RANDOM stuff. it's my FIRST comic man.! you know , from mistakes we learn. also NOW i DO am working on & drawing my Comics. i'll even try to beg my parents if they can get me into a animation academy. [if there's one(specially in this country -.-'')]. yeah that's all. and i DO accept critiquism , i just leaved ONE arguing comment above. ONE! that doesn't mean im the most egocentric person here! geez. did i say "shut up , hate it!, i still du know it's great!" NO.
so yeah , hope you didn't enjoy reading it , Lawl i felt like saying it since you didn't like it o3o .one more thing ,since i just visited your web page , i saw some, well , SOME , rally not so "cute" comments from your part at other couple of comics. slow down when you critique somenthing , dude. Just saying and if i'm wrong then , well you can answer with some other comment. for now:
Ish out ^^
(lol did you notice how i stopped numerating the reasons after # 1. LOL.)
now i see why sadie is the one in the brains tribe XD . jk
lol. sadie is great XD , and i think im seeing a future relashionship between cody and sadie which means if that happens sadie is gone , if sierra is still competiting when that happens :o , obviusly IF it happens :)
=( i knew she was going to be booted, but it still sucks :( im on team katie in the jocks tribe now :( (great comics tho :D)
Cool! i knew ezekiel HAD to leave lol. nice great job!
it seems noone notices the fact that Zo IS a BOY!
More contestants!
Aaand people keep comming =)
So Yeah Ashlyn tells us her story about when she did not know how to use a train , (btw that was 4 months ago!! XD).
will this be the new antagonist or...they is someone worst? :O?
YePp... O.O
Who'll be our first competitor? :D!?!
JoJo shows us the house :3
The Show's advertisement! Lol. :D comment Below... :3..
A New 3D reality Beggins... Cover Of "A reality Day".
Hope you like it More comming soon ~ C:
Ummm which program do you use? :D
why does it need a comment title?? XP
:D it is awesome :D!! keep going :3
i think they used play back at tdwt XD
sooo i got the whole chapter but kinda bussy so i'll try to upload one page each day,or this thursday i'll get into the next chapter (not gonna spoil X3)
so yeah espisode 3,musical challenge (not a big personal idea XD),so yeah not such an exiting page,but fave me,and rate it! PLEASE XD! :D !! X3
ah yeah actually sierra is almost everytime talking at my comic so ...she is just begining... :D