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Heyo ^^

I'm tsubasa-myuu (name has no relation to the anime/manga tsubasa)
hmmm les see....
I draw almost non-stop, and when i'm not drawing i'm playing pokemon, mario, legend of zelda, assasin's creed, or Fable... ect.

I love reading webcomics, there are some good ones out there (although personally, i stay away from over the top shojo romance and anything yaoi ><)

Working hard on my current webcomic! come read it sometime ^^
Solid Snake says...
You have earned my respect by drawing Rubys real hair under his hat. Everyone thinks his hat is hair.

props dude.
just noticed...

their ears have been growing progressively bigger 0.0
I wish i lived in a world where everyone wore hats all the time everywhere. especially since most of them are top hats. yeah. top hats.
hahahaha that is too cute! Bas has become quite popular, huh? Elliot is so cute there, "Bas Dahn is mine!!"

I kinda wanna get in on this Bas Dahn fight... "MINE!! ALL MINE!!"
third time flipping through this AWESOME comic and just now noticed the drawings on her walls XD
omg, are we seriously going to re-live this? PIKACHU VS.ONIX LETS GO!

will he use the sprinklers to defeat the onix?
y'know, honestly, i dunno what these people are talking about, with your characters and all.

like, while the kids have all rounder faces thats fine. Bas has big round eyes compared to tangs squinty asian eyes. The twins had more oval eyes, usually with eyeliner. amira and mick have eyelahes. for a simple comic like this that all you really need. Don't worry so much bout your characters, at least for this comic. It totally works.
that shadow has a very dark sense of humor. It kinda scares me a bit XD Like i dunno, I don't get twisted by dark stories but this shadow leaves a strange feeling in my stomache
I see the sparkle hat 0.0
Poor Tang!
He has become the fifth wheel!

he so jelly of Bas's new fwiends
Yeah a different tone would work great. Maybe to match their individual skin tones some more. Like, white or a darker gray for jeanne. Pink would look cute on Danny. and so on and so forth. just colors to match the characters colors so it doesnt feel so out of place.
yeah sorry, original art syle was.... cleaner. The orange doesn't do it for me. especially since these characters don't have normal skin tones, its very out of place. that kind of thing works better for comics like curio. even if the other style takes longer, i would prefer it over this kind.

But in the end it is your comic ^^ i will still read it becasue it is fun to read.
...why does that kid holding the mask remind me of mokuba from Yu-gi-oh?
Love the gender switch!! It adds a lot of possibilities. also, TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!

sorry, i love freckles... (as i have freckles myself.... )
Yeah sorry for the delay. School is starting so i'm only going to update on fridays until further notice. Life is tough.

This page was badly planned XD it's kinda messy ><

Why do you make your mean characters have freckles?

Are freckled people mean?

Can you make an awesome character have freckles?

Because i have freckles and i'm feeling kinda bad about them now XDD
Hey! remember her? XDD

Maya's peppy happy friend is back, and has a much bigger role now ^^

And we finally know her name XD