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Heyo ^^

I'm tsubasa-myuu (name has no relation to the anime/manga tsubasa)
hmmm les see....
I draw almost non-stop, and when i'm not drawing i'm playing pokemon, mario, legend of zelda, assasin's creed, or Fable... ect.

I love reading webcomics, there are some good ones out there (although personally, i stay away from over the top shojo romance and anything yaoi ><)

Working hard on my current webcomic! come read it sometime ^^

My Webcomics

The Golden Knight
Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 33 # Comics: 11

Recent Comments

Comment on Battle waits for no bike of Rare Candy Treatment
tsubasa-myuu, 08 Nov 2012 06:37 pm
Solid Snake says...
Comment on We've all been there of Rare Candy Treatment
tsubasa-myuu, 08 Nov 2012 07:24 am
You have earned my respect by drawing Rubys real hair under his hat. Everyone thinks his hat is hair.

props dude.
Comment on Presents and Petunias - Page 3 of Gloomverse
tsubasa-myuu, 03 Nov 2012 07:01 pm
just noticed...

their ears have been growing progressively bigger 0.0
Comment on Bowties Stars and Candy - Page 27 of Gloomverse
tsubasa-myuu, 04 Oct 2012 06:29 pm
I wish i lived in a world where everyone wore hats all the time everywhere. especially since most of them are top hats. yeah. top hats.
Comment on 231 - TBA Arc of 1-600
tsubasa-myuu, 08 Aug 2012 10:51 pm
hahahaha that is too cute! Bas has become quite popular, huh? Elliot is so cute there, "Bas Dahn is mine!!"

I kinda wanna get in on this Bas Dahn fight... "MINE!! ALL MINE!!"
Comment on 031 of A Girl & Her Shadow
tsubasa-myuu, 05 Aug 2012 04:19 am
third time flipping through this AWESOME comic and just now noticed the drawings on her walls XD
Comment on Chapter 5 Page 40 of Mokepon
tsubasa-myuu, 02 Aug 2012 02:52 pm
omg, are we seriously going to re-live this? PIKACHU VS.ONIX LETS GO!

will he use the sprinklers to defeat the onix?
Comment on 224 - TBA Arc of 1-600
tsubasa-myuu, 29 Jul 2012 09:37 am
y'know, honestly, i dunno what these people are talking about, with your characters and all.

like, while the kids have all rounder faces thats fine. Bas has big round eyes compared to tangs squinty asian eyes. The twins had more oval eyes, usually with eyeliner. amira and mick have eyelahes. for a simple comic like this that all you really need. Don't worry so much bout your characters, at least for this comic. It totally works.
Comment on 044 of A Girl & Her Shadow
tsubasa-myuu, 27 Jul 2012 01:48 am
that shadow has a very dark sense of humor. It kinda scares me a bit XD Like i dunno, I don't get twisted by dark stories but this shadow leaves a strange feeling in my stomache
Comment on Bowties Stars and Candy - Page 8 of Gloomverse
tsubasa-myuu, 25 Jul 2012 06:29 am
I see the sparkle hat 0.0

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