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Well... the things I like, are BL Comics (Sometimes, not really.) Pokemon comics, Warrior cat comics, and of course, Kingdom hearts. The things I literally HATE, are annoying people, Justin Bieber (He's really gay and sings like a woman.) and talking ants. (I know there aren't many talking ants in this world but if they say anything, I will squish them all!! >:D)
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    Zaire (I hate mah name!)
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Enjoy your last breath of freedom... FOXY! >:D Bwaahhhh!
I see it coming... She's going to get pwned by a kitsune that was transformed into a jar temporarly! To make it short: She's gonna get pwned. XD
First to comment! Huzzah, I have finally found a page without comments! >:3 P.S I like her sinster smile in the first panel, it reminds me of myself... >o<