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Kitty Kai
That is all... <(.w.)>
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Lulz. We love you and your half naked shotas~
Hm. According to your profile we are about the same age. I can easily say I understand why you would want to end this comic. Managing something so popular is hard whilst still dealing with life.
I tried to get a comic up and going like, last year... But I just didn't have the time thanks to damned high school, setting up a reasonable portfolio, and having a job. I had no time to finish the thing. I had an entire story infront of me but only got as far as sketching the first chapter before just giving up. I have no idea where those things are today. I have piles of art shit all over my room, and never dare to venture into them no matter how desperate I am to find a working ink pen. I fear I may lose my hand to paper cuts or chance upon a sharp pencil or exacto knife.....
I would be so very sad if you ended it like this though... This comic struck me as comedic with dashes of drama. Ending it with everyone's favorite little monster dying would just kill the amazing image this comic has. Taking a hiatus to think about the comic and relax may help reason things out. Just know I love you like I do my tablet, and I'm sure your fans adore you lots as well. I admit to being too lazy to post comments, and for that I am so very sorry...
Kitty Kai
January 30th, 2011
Dear gawd this comic was so gay xD
I fucking love it. Start cranking out more pages and POST WOMAN.
.... Please? .^.