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@Petty: ...Holy shit did that really happen, did that Egg just rape an Oynx.....woooooooooow
The humble NuzlockeRun, a rite of Passage to true pokemon trainers
So true so true
that is so cuuuuuute. But so funny at the same time, I love it
I bet Victor will find love with Lulu...also I'm glad to see life is going well for you ^_^
Epic Ending
That was perfect, the story, the characters, everything. Until Knights of the Old Republic 3 comes out, goodbye
Eh I've seen worse, now if you didn't kill them quickly that would make you a bad person
*face palm* This is Malak's fault
I agree 105% on this one. It was a great movie, and it had Closure in the end, I cried because I felt like a kid again.
So I assume we are playing with Evil Shepard...why isn't his eyes turning red?
Sorry but Iron way, even Pokemon has a better chance then that LOL
I agree with Steve, make just a web comic series of stuff only us Nerds could understand, why pokemon is Awesome. Girls and their mysteries, and why Duke Nukem Forver will never work LOL
I admit the Walker is a good idea, but it needs more work...and less miles to run.
I'm gonna say who is the smartest here, thats right its Cyndaquil....I wonder what level Big Daddy is...
I suppose he would be theory but I don't think it counts if you keep dying