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i like how he's more worried about his fedora that the fact he got his organs ripped out

like, did you hit writer's block or something?
and that was when kaaby's strength began to slowly but surely weaken
Cutman-I mean Joey owned count: 1
Why isn't there a comic of Kexas VS. the whole multiverse yet?
Gigi Guy? That would sound like something raocow could've said.
Where's the whole "DAVE makes the world explode" thing?

..Naw, I'm kidding, but I wonder what some of their ideas will be.
@Luigi_96: That was a rather unique move there, then!
Well. This is rather coincidental.
and then DAVE came and the world blew up trying to comprehend him. the end.

...Okay, but really, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if some third battle commenced.
Perhaps you could do this with some more characters for your 4th anniversary?
@RainbowKirby: I think GiGi meant "this is how the chapter ends."

I could be wrong, though.
The red figure's been listening to too much Crush Kill Destroy Swag dubsteps.
@.:AuraX:.: I bet you one dollar that the first page of Chapter 3 is going to be about the totally-not-suspicious met.
@Lord Enigma: So horrible that Harold could be very much the devil.

fun is infinite

with capcom
@Mint612: There's no proof if Cutman survived or not yet.