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crying omfg asjkdhajksdhkajshdkajhcwnlkehyrwiegnrjkssdjfjdsgf no words can explain my emotions at finally getting back to this comic I hope you remember me kajshdjka
can my heart just explode now or what. Ohkashdkajshdkjashdkjshdkasjdhkasjdh
HIHIHIHI OKAY SO I FORGOT TO READ THIS COMIC FOR LIKE, TWO YEARS OKAY. I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Because I've forgotten nearly everything I'm starting all over again *cries* I'M SO SORRY ><
I died a little inside...
...when i saw that i'd missed one of ur updates by 15 days ;_;
BUT NOW IVE READ IT ANDDDD- I don't really get it x'DDD
No, I do, but i reeeaally wanna know mr.fridays real condition haha. OMG random but Jack is really epic y'know? hehe
@JamCookie LOL xDDD
Omigod sooo.... what's actual condition? It must be pretty sucky lol. Oh well, it can't be much worse that schizophrenia.... right? xDDD

Ahahahahaah poor Atty x'DDDDDDD
God I hate it when god damn bug catchers want to battle >:I Hurrrrr
Awwww Ash laughed~!!! <333
Made me smile >U<
Ahhhh OMG Louis was SO CUTE >3<
And now he's that guy with the cool shades x'D
It's kinda creepy that Louis becomes his Dad's sidekick and all in the future x'DD

Oh and as for the contest, nearly finished >_<!!!!
Your comic was the comic that was last on my favs list lol. But your the only comic that hadn't updated for more than 6 months that I didn't delete cause it was so awesome >U< SO HAPPY~!!!!
First :D
OMGOMGOMGOMG So, Jack really is the doctors psychologist and his son is that dude with the glasses I temporarily forgot his name lol >_<
I hope that Jack never had an affair with his wife or sth, and thats why the doctor decided to turn him into his pawn. I hope not!!!!!
I still believe in JackXReilly!!!
Oh and as for the competition, I've finished my entry and I'm colouring it now :D
I'll put it on DA *A*

EDIT- Oh yeah I just realised that's why he sent Jack after the dude from probotics x3 thanks plushylemur x'DD
Lol i reckon atty is still so cool >3<
LOL i wonder what gunna happen next. Probly he'll fall on his face or those other dudes in the bushes will attack or sth lolz
That's so sad~!!!!!!!!!!
Poor yumi's brother awww
hahahaha x'D Yay u updated :P

And yes, poor Japan TT.TT
OMG ahahaha poor random tomboy x'D
But Atty is just so epic haha. I hope they become a team and he, like, trains her or sth. But I doubt it cos Atty really just doesn't have any spirit x'DD
;_; poor hades and zeus!!!!
;A; nick is so hot~!!!!!
first 8D
Omg! y'know what, mr.friday is the doctor, and he's just become crazy lol. Like, Jack was his psychologist and mrs friday is, like, the doctors wife, and the doctor went crazy and now he thinks he's an alien... orrrr he really is an alien and everyone 'thinks' he's crazy... orrrr he's schizophrenic and he's both lol
Ahhhmygod~!!! i KNEW it was gunna be that girl from b4 that walked in! I'm so curious to find out why she's so important!!!
And as for the contest I'M DEF. ENTERING~!!! as i said on ur DA poll/journal whatever it wuz 8'DDD
>_< i love this comic o3o