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crumbling pi
I'm a graphic arts student living in nyc.
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    k. salt
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heppy hahloween!
have a lovely day!
Thank you for the comments received thus far... if there's anything that keeps me posting, it's your feedback! :)
facial reconstruction!
Oooh, I love the concept behind your comic; and nicely pliable characters... I hope to see what's next!
Aack! Sorry, it was supposed to be "Now eat these herbs in confirmation." Lol. Thanks for commenting, I changed it.
Animal cruelty...!
Hello! thought I'd forgotten about old cm? Naaahh... not yet, anyway.

Btw, I consider Mac to be an albino tiger. That's my reason for not giving him stripes. That's right. >:)

As usual, thanks for stopping by.
Wow, that magical box sort of resembles a ds. Cheerio, everyone.
like someone else had commented, the time here is anachronistic. Also, modernity varies from place to place :)

That's most of the reason why ripley has no idea what sam's talking about.
sorry the pacing is so weird...

I always want to change the script that I'm already going by. Does anyone else have this problem?
added a little bit of pink. just a little.

Man, this page was annoying...
w-w-what? an update? man. sorry, you guys. school is like one of those family members who you sometimes wish you didn't have.

but anyways, i think the long break helped me gain a little perspective on the comic. so... thumbs up!
The appearance of ghosty-girl!
crumbling pi
January 20th, 2009
Ever have multiple comics and accidentally upload a page to the wrong one? Heheh.
crumbling pi
January 17th, 2009
lol, sorry for the long long absence.
crumbling pi
January 16th, 2009
Ahahaha...ha...hem. I'll work out the kinks. Hyeah.