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January 15th, 2012
@Pepper Bee: @Pepper Bee: Hi. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback. Not sure all of it is deserved but definitely appreciated. I just try and do stuff that I would like to read. I am working on part 2 right now, but taking ages. Hopefully it will be finished sometime soon.
got me wanting to read more
It is kinda refreshing to find something simple, quirky and completely absent of homosexual teens
Nice imagry on the last pannel
Its a really cool premise. That would really screw with your head. Is she slowly and painfully going to crack as the story progresses. I am partial to a good bit of madness.
This is one of the most original comics on this site. Don't really understand why it isnt alot more popular.
Unexpected. I like it
Really like the haracter designs, especially for rex
He wants some sugar alright