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Hey, I'm Liam. I draw things and I procrastinate a lot. I've got a dark sense of humour and an affinity for webdesign and gamedesign. What team? Wildkatzen.
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    Liam Q. Hooper
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Let the fun begin.
Pages from here on out will be coloured appropriately, and the text, for the most part, will be typed. Also, character development! Yay!
Prologue is now completed, and the story shall actually begin. Looking forward to it.
"Now you listen here, meatbag. I need you to do somethin' super important."
>Clearly you have superhuman strength. Punch it.
Oh shit he's pissed
Honestly, hot pink is the most threatening colour.
"Man, does it ever shut up?"
"So I can defend myself if need be, right?"
"This is a dream... So I can control it, right?"
"You can just call me Mauve for now, 'kay?"
Here's my favourite character
You don't know why yet, but you'll come to understand, I'm sure.
"And where is your voice coming from...?"
"You're asleep, and this is Stasis."
All of the text in the Prologue will be hand drawn. And this crappy style will not persist for much longer, trust me.
Translations of harder-to-read parts will be posted in Author Comments.
First page!
I finally decided to get off my butt and make something! Here's a new comic that I will actually put time and effort into.
It's Over, Finally
Haha yeah no this comic sucks and I'm pretty much no longer a fan of sonic. Finishing with a shitty picture of a shitty character. Yay.
>Tell the spider how pretty they are
This will certainly help you in your future endeavours!
DICK FIGURES! :D I automatically got the ref...gosh, why are there never any comments on these comics?! :U
...........xD American Dad reference. "Chicka Chicka!" :3 did did you get 50 out of 25, unless im missing something. <___<
..I GET IT! It's a Zombieland reference. You get Wichita, Columbus, Little Rock, and Tallahassee. So they are from other countries, and they never took the time to learn each other's names, right? :U also, faved ^^