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Likes living in the Pacific NW, drawing, reading, writing, geek boys, indie hipster junk, Gordon Freeman, and listening to Sufjan Stevens and the occasional Lady Gaga song.
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A page on time! I might be taking one more little hiatus so I can get prepared for Spokane Comicon (yeah, I know)...Because of time constraints, I'm going to have to cut a couple pages for the printed preview issue so it will be a bit before I can get to the "actual" page that comes next. But I got it all planned out guys, whooo...Chapter one is almost finally over!

Ah, a week late again but school happened. But I'm still hard at work!

What are you guys thinking of the new pages?

Page 16
Hey, look! It's the second- count 'em- SECOND kitchen design retcon so far! Needless to say I'll be correcting the past pages to suit the final design.

It's good to be back, guys. I hope to have another page for you next Monday. :)

Thanks for reading!
hehe c:
Thanks a bunch. C:
Page 15! I need to draw some moar now :B
Page 14
Hey! Catching up here with pages! What do you guys think so far? :D
These earlier strips were made a couple years ago, meaning my style has much improved since then. Please bear with me until things get better! Eventually I hope to go back and redraw these.

Chapter one
Here we go-

Hope to redo the cover in the future. For now, this is what ya get.
Whoa, I can comment! Didn't know that.

Just wanted to say I'm glad to see a colored page again! I don't know if you're going to continue with this, but I would encourage it; it contributes a lot to the overall polish and atmosphere. :)

Also, I will second that Vinny is a cutie!