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This means he's actually dying >:( cuz she was all 'i wanna be the reaper who gets him' and all that jazz with the bunny flashback....this makes me displeased and very sad :'(
Faster (and sexier) than a speeding bullet! ;) lol
I <3 disgruntled Ken-face!
sexxxeh <3
Ok. Oceanus is officially my new fav *drools*
its amusing how many readers miss the point that hes SUPPOSED to look like a girl, yaknow so he can NOT be suspected as the SON whos gonna trick dear old dad? lol beautiful page tho <3 i DO agree with the other peoples love
oh Horus... *shakes head* love him! lmao great panel and cant wait to see what shenanigans he's gonna pull now
pure win
oh Horus...this page made me laugh so much, esp panel 5 :D
hot wings ;)
that is one sexy bird man *drools*
fantastic as usual! i HOPE he doesnt punch shira <3, i mean he TOTS wants it, hes just in denial ;) seeing this made my shitty day significantly better :D
comment virginity!!!!!
haha. i see what you did there in the last panel Stefen ;) delightful as usual!
>///< theyre so fricken cuuuute! and your drawing is always so well done and professional looking! love them both and love the story. cant wait for next one!
*aawwwwwwn!* well now that they appologized to each other they can get to making up ;) awesome job on the emotions and adorable factor as usual <3
this page is absolutely adorable and hilarious to boot! i wish haru's mom was real so i could hang out with her...oh the shenanigans we would do <3, also, still want to steal we apron lol
awesome :)
haha. way to go, making a great first impression! love the facial expressions, they are really well drawn :) also, i would have totally played at the ruins too, i was a climber as a
September 22nd, 2010
love love LOVE this page. the expressions are absolutely perfect and i could stare at them forever >///< it doesnt need dialogue you can tell exactly what they are thinking <3
frist panel
if thats his 'i have to pee' face, he should drink a whole lot more water more often....*drools*