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I think this is my favorite page so far. Keep it up. :D
Awesomeness. I really love these redrawings of the old pages. It's obvious the progress and improvements you've made since then. Good job. (I'm really in love with the way you do the rocks and stones.)

The only thing I want to point out is you misspelled stubbornness (and I kind of liked obstinacy...).
Haha. I really liked the first panel. For some reason, the "in english" part really made me laugh. (Or maybe it's just me being deprived of sleep XD). Good job though. Keep up the good work.
O.O the distinct yellow tone is gone! NOooooooooooooo... I liked it so much T^T

Heh, it's still pretty good for tablet scribbles ;)
Yay! pretty backgrounds :D
I got a bit confused with the word balloon placement though... I'm not sure if the first frame's balloon is supposed to be read before the next frame's...
lol, that is awesome XD good work!
zOMG sheep! It's so adorable.

On a side note, I think you made the panel outline a tad too big. And Dark compared to the rest of the page.
I liked this explanation too... Great job though, keep up the good work :)
Can I do page six?
I love your comic and it's crazy characters XD
I like this; it's interesting.
I feel that your story is moving a bit too fast though. You seem to be throwing in a whole bunch of characters all at once. I still can't remember most of their names -_-'
Might I suggest outlining your text bubbles and the text itself when you're monologuing or what not. You might want to use more test bubbles. And make them more circular or shapely, for I remember a few pages back, you seemed to just blob something in.
Your paneling seems a little off. There is too much blank space, which if used correctly can look perfect, but not in your case most of the time. The empty black space makes me feel empty... okay, maybe not.
Don't be afraid to put more effort into some of the simpler panels--e.g. panel two compared to panel three.
There is a lack of full backgrounds in most of the panels (panel 1 & 2). Take a little extra time and fill in the rest.
I also suggest making your lines a bit darker and the artwork more consistent.

For now, that should be all. I hope I didn't come off as too mean or overwhelming. Keep up the work, I look forward to seeing you improve (and reading the rest of the story ;))
March 8th, 2007
Nice work, I love the pants. Keep it up :)
I read it :) Keep going... go on...
lol, totally smart Skye. Completely plausible, haha.