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Ciber Paulo
I hate descriptions. I always remind myself I'm still single. Well, I study graphic arts, so I'm fairly good at drawing. I just don't make hand-drawn comics because I don't have the time nor the patience to. Oh, and I love rock, metal, punk and that sort of music, it's great for the kids, my cousins love it, my parents love it, my uncles too, hell, even my grandma has been to a AC/DC concert.
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Screw what the game says, those are man-sized flying bugs that are angry all the time with huge freaking spears for hands and poison coming out of it's ass! Any normal person would wet his pants if something like that came at him!
Yay, I'm going to university. I'm going to have no free time and suffer the freshman reception!


Why do people like university so much again?
Behold Earthbound graphics while the actual house is put together.

BTW, that's all in-game dialogue. Didn't they proofread that game?
You can hear sound of the Megaman fans being trolled in the distance!
Yes, well, comic continues. How exactly will be revealed in a few weeks. Enjoy some stand-alone comics till then.

Imagine every time you went karting you knew you were basically racing on the shit of a pop-tart/cat mutation.
Thank god! It's finally over! I'm done with this game! I'm never spending another 4 years making a game parody.

Tune in next week for something different from S3+K.
Aren't we excited?

I'm almost done with this game parody after starting it 4 and a half years ago.
Sorry for not updating lately. Having final highschool exams that will tell if I can get into college.
I think this vid is apropriate.
Look, a sound effect. When was the last time I used one of those?
And that blue thing makes it's appearance.

And the talking crotch returns.

And I got a new avatar.

And end of comment.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put Robotnik's crotch singing.

EDIT: The fact that people manage to point out errors that lasted 15 seconds like StarMario did sort of make me proud to know I've got followers of my strip.
Couldn't update on time but since I had the comic half finished I decided to upload it before the next update.
Considering I was about 4-5 when I first went Hyper Knuckles, I wasn't too happy about the way he looked.
And he spent so much time getting a good deck of Magic: the gathering.
These Joes are pussies!
Not to sound rude but I need time to to make these things and I haven't had a lot of it considering that all my paperwork deadlines were this month.
I can no longer read Zman's stuff the same way again.
I was going with an April fools joke today but I decided to avoid it considering I don't update this comic very frequently.