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You can call me Gaventa or just Tura.

I LOVE drawing. (: I can never ever stop! But most of all I like making friends and having poke battles. ;D
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    Allegra Baconator
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November 28th, 2015
*shakes head while eating popcorn*
told ya boy
November 28th, 2015
Finn...stop looking at it...
don't. do it
November 28th, 2015
well damn. :I
November 28th, 2015
Just listen to what the rock has to say...

now I feel like something is going to happen. -__-
November 28th, 2015
see. what did I say. #teamRaimo
November 28th, 2015
I can already tell the black dog with the raven feathers is going to be my fav.
November 28th, 2015
"you're like a sister to me"

psssss you've been friendzoned. even though I ship ya'll.
November 28th, 2015
3rd panel is fav. <3
November 28th, 2015
wow just think if you had a bird trained to tie your shoes.

Life would be made.
lol. i love your style. (:
August 28th, 2010
LOL! I like the tat though! :3
Lolz. Really?!! Yay for last page of crossdressing!!
Lol he's sooo sexyyyy!!! Awwww he has an unique personality from the rest of the squad!hehehe what a good character for the Art department!
This soooo rad! Hahahaha I loves it to death! Wow you are so talented!! (:
Dossy is sooooooo cute!!! Hahaha
He looks like a blonde too!
Uh oh Ezatti won't be to found of his boss lol. Too bad he is sexyy with a hot name! Haha
Lol Marco is like sooo cool! :D
I live how he does the whole spray can!

Tehe and he's a seme!!! ;D
Lol. Did you get my message? (:
Oh oh can I reserve treasurer?! :3
I didn't see that! :D
Wow this looks great! I wish my lab was working I would totally turn in my application. I just drew it. (:
Lol I'm loving the names.
So not original! Haha