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6th means 6th boyfriend :)
hahah "Sugar sticks" hehehe just fun on words for ahem... downs stairs hehehe
Since Feb 4 2013, my best friend and I celebrated my birthday in advance. I let him borrow my Dissidia UMD and after a few days playing, he reached his Terra at lvl 70's. It took me weeks to reach that level hahaha

anyway, me and my buddy are now into Dissidia mode. Although I'm playing duodecim, so by the time I let him have a copy of Duodecim, he'll be pretty busy playing his PSP again hahaha
Memorable Sleep over
Its been a long period of time since I last updated, things were pretty crazy with my life. Anyway, here's a short comic moment with me and my buddy Akaikaze with Artix when they both slept over at my place. One of the best Sleep overs I had :D

The next morning when we were all having our breakfast, Artix grabbed a bread, spreads a spoonful of Nutella and poured on top this Milo powdered drink.

Akaikaze and I were looking at Artix like "Um, are you ok?" hahaha so we let Artix do with his sandwich and enjoyed his breakfast. While Akaikaze and I ate normal breakfast, eggs and chicken nuggets with garlic fried rice... and ofcourse Artix did ate the same heheh

(*Technically, its not that Ultimate of a choco sandwich, coz nutella isnt purely chocolate... right? hahah Artix and his own crazy world heheh)
Familiar situation where you have to buy products and they'll give you sticker points to avail a certain product? Well, it started out when Raguel introduced me to Ti-Amo, a frozen yogurt shop and gave us this planner...

And when last months of 2011 came around November, I saw these planner at starbucks and had this cloth case. I didn't plan to get one until my sister gave me her card with 10 stickers on it already, so I must finish what she started, thus Starbucks drawing sessions were done hahaha

it was almost March when JV and I meet up with his friends, they were also not aware of the sticker collecting. And I have a day to get 8 stickers. But I can only buy 1 Mango Passion Fruit that day... so I asked if I can get their stickers, which they gladly gave it to me... but I still need 2 more...

JV took my card and went to the counter, it seems he was waiting for a moment where a customer refused to get stickers, so that he can as if he can claim it instead... then he called me up and asked which planner design I want :D
Flooding on ones Facebook page? Hehehehe
Wait till what happens after Drew gets back to his Facebook page... :)
Sounded lively and perky on text or on email even though you're not in a great mood? Well, there are times when we remember our friends and love ones, then we start texting them to let them know you're doing well in your end. It sometimes help to send out a message from out of the blue or from time to time...

Meet Ace, one of Ernz's closest friend... he's the 5th of 8 new characters of Crazy Metro
Ever had those days where you were tired from work, school or doing an assignment. And you slept with your eye glasses on? then the moment you felt something while you were asleep,. you found out that your eye glasses were broken...

Well, I've experienced it a few weeks back... so have to deal with my old glasses again... T-T
Ever had those days where you were on a narrow hallway or path, and a couple slowly walking in front of everyone? Causing human traffic behind them? And you're temper is reaching to its boiling point? And you just want to break their moment so that you and everyone can move, getting on to their destinations or errands... You try to excuse or tell them to move faster but kept ignoring? Well, here's what *Koh did, hehehe...

*The name "Koh" might change... I might want to call her "Alice"
Not all Greens are Legumes
Meet 4 of 8 new family members of Crazy Metro... Drew, Bee, Ernz and Hikari.

One night, when we were all together, Hikari proposed to go have fun over drinks. Ernz is new to some drinks except Tequila, but Drew has his eyes on it. Ernz was feeling a bit boozy... and when sizzling food was serve, he miss took the green chili as a legume, string beans or peapods preferably.

Ernz's face was soooo RED, coughing and asking something to ease the heat, sweating alot. Everyone laughed so hard. Enjoyed every silly stuff. Drew was cool, and monitoring every one if they're drunk on not.

Ernz learned that not all Greens are Legumes :D
Hahaah Nope, JV and Ness are not a couple... I guess I made their pose a bit off hahaha

I like how JV was posing in my sketch so I decided to draw it anyway, not realizing their pose are giving the wrong impression hahaahha
OMG! no wonder sabi editors ko may kasalanan sila at naover looked hahah XD

*fixing / editing...

Ayan! Thank you!! :D
um... im just curious about your culture... what does his left hand mean?
Heheh. bibigyan sana kita ng 1 copy nung Prologue kasi 30 lang na produce kong copy...

Next Con bigay ko sayo yun compilation nila pag matapos ko buong story :D
JV's expression is some what bit controlled, him as the eldest in the house, he must set or act as a role model, thus instead of saying the "F" word in full, He halts at the first 2 letters proceeded with an "ARGH!" expression... :)
Are you?
Hahaha this scene was based from my friend who has crush on gay guys unintentionally...

She'd go, "Oh he's so handsome, but later founds something disturbing on his Facebook" hahaha
I bought an AXE cologne a few days ago. I like it but then, it seem it has a bit of cigar scent to it... :S
is it because Diwa is umm... petite? XD
Sorry for not posting any new updates for a long time, been busy at school... XD

Wew! Its been 1 year already since I decided to make a serious comic strip. Crazy Metro wasnt supposed to be the serious type of comic, but since I notice people liked it and had fun reading, some may find it offending but hey, that's Crazy Metro! It shows how I see things generally hehehe...

A year had passed and I guess it's time to turn it to a serious comic story. And random comic gag strip. Planning on adding 2 more characters this year, and some girls

Here's to a year of fun and crazyness!
Happy Anniversary Crazy Metro!
Every drama shows must have slapping scenes, hair pulling cat fights, nail claw scratching etc...

There's this Drama show in the early 90's which the scenes were so predictable. Me and my sister can tell whether they're about to fight or not... and it seems that each and every episode always have that fight scenes...
Oh dear hahahaha.... this reminds me back when I was new at the gym... hahaha