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Yeah, this comic is all but abandoned, sorry. Out of curiosity, how did you even find it?
The Ether is mysterious...
Dennis wanted to meet Maxim. I didn't let him though. I don't want to get sued.
I wasn't aware that was a Pokemon reference. Weird.
Master Ch(i)ef!
I got the idea for this one when the first time I read "Master Chief" I misread it as "Master Chef". Originally Pick Up Sticks was going to be the Rejects living in a house together, or something like that. However, I decided not to, but then I brought it back. Did you really need to know that? No, but I want to say SOMETHING here.
Pick Up Sticks makes a return! Again!
Sorry about the lack of updates. I had a cold. And spent most of my time lying in bed. And yelling at the giant pickle to shut up and let me sleep. Okay, maybe not that last one. Actually, I made a comic to post yesterday, but I goofed and it didn't release until late afternoon. Also, it occurs to me that since I haven't been posting news posts, this and the one before it are both apologizing for a lack of updates. That doesn't set a good image.
Sorry about that, I was sick and couldn't focus my eyes on anything for more than 10 seconds without getting a headache.
Look, I'm not doing nonagons!
Pick Up Sticks makes a return!
Yes, we're back. Joy. I'm really sorry, I just got out of the swing of things. Daily updates are back.
If you don't get this comic, read this:

If you're not salivating when you finish reading, shame on you.
What is there not to understand?
That was boring.
Ugh. You have no clue how tedious it was to copy and paste those pins. You better like it.

As a side note, today marks the first day of February, and the end of days where you can tell what day it is by looking at the number of today's comic. Nooooooooooo!
I finished this comic with 25 seconds to spare. I'm going to pass out now.
Today's comic was late! Nooooooo! I had it done, really, but I forgot to upload it. Sigh. However, if you look at the archives, it will say it was released at 12:01. Conspiracy...
Yes, I realize that the last few comics have been pretty filler-ish. I'm sorry. I'll try and keep from doing that.

Oh, and masterweaver, the desk is a nonagon. I hope you're happy.


Do you get it?
Shamkelspickerspamp, Shmiker Shricker Bipper Doo.

Translated into English, that means I have no clue what to say in this news post. Other than Gunstar Heroes is awesome. Buy it now.
Are you going to spam my comments page until I put in some nonagons?
Back from the DEAD!
Many have wondered why I have not left any news posts for the past few days.

Have I lost my Internet(s) connection? (It's a series of tubes!)

Have I suffered from a rare disease keeping me away from my keyboard?

Have I been whisked away to to an alternate dimension with happy little bunnies and unicorns?

No. I just never really felt like it.

And now, good-bye for the next 24 hours of our pathetic existence.
20 comics!
Today marks the 20th Pick Up Sticks! Par-tay!!!!!!!!!
Look, I told you: This is a Non-Nonagon comic!