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I like origami, drawing, all that artzy stuff. oh and....... cactus.
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    Jason Lin
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had to super shrink it to keep in within file size :(
Guess my animations can't be too fancy. Welp. back to regular comics soon!
Well it is poorly drawn. Also my "M's" are totally trees.
no. Just for fun. You can play it with other peoples.
Wooaaah! Cool thanks! I didn't even know stuff like that existed. haha
STOP on Tuesdays.
The New Yorker contains poison
Jenga with Bagels
Panasonic Radio. Choking Hazard.
Lincoln Logs made in Djibouti
DINOSAURS- already too epic on it's own.

Feel free to show other examples of having fun with these labels. Put them on objects. Take pictures of it! Share!(with me please?)
I might use these labels later on......
December 25th, 2010
Happy Holidays!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Shoop da whoop seemed a bit too predictable. so it stomped.
I was tempted to write Poom.
I know it's late... but I drew it around Halloween.
However... THIS MARKS MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN! I ordered a new power cord for my broken computer a while ago. Whenever it gets here, I can make my comics again... of course if it works...But, I also got my other computer to have photoshop and able to scan/ edit comics... so If there's every an emergency, I can resort to this. Of course this computer is still inconvenient. I don't like using it. I just posted this comic for anyone still reading so they know I'll be back soon (hopefully) YAY!
In case you didn't know, I'm on hiatus because I currently cannot use my "comic" computer. I have resorted to doing this crappy MS paint comic to satiate my comic drawing needs.
Happy Birthday to my little brother Kevin! you're another year closer to death. :D
^ that means apologies. :|
but yeah I'm sorry if you don't like today's comic. You may think that I'm just drawing this because I was unprepared and forgot it was wednesday, or I'm really busy have an essay to write and a large project to finish.....wellllll ok all of those.
BUT! I will say that I actually had this planned for a while. so get used to it.... *ahem* INTRODUCING THE NEW SEGMENT CALLED... " POORLY DRAWN COMICS!!!" where I really crappily sketch a drawing of something. yup. but yeah... like I said above, I'm getting pretty busy around this time sorry if my comics are not "up to par." (is anyone actually expecting a lot out of me?)
EDIT: earlier it said "wnat some pancakes."
well... I fixed that. now he can speak correctly.
September 21st, 2010
I don't know why I like the guy's face at the last panel. I think it's the lack of nose.... yup. definitely it.
whoever posts this picture first on a message board gets a virtual slice of fruit tart from me.
New Character.
I finally released a new character. Yesssss... this T-rexasaurus is here to stay.
September 1st, 2010
Yeah... I'm in the marching band.
any band people out there? no?

yeaaah....thought so.
yeah its just a big fat marker pen. I scan and try to fix with some photoshop. (ok not really... I'm lazy.) All our other pens died for some mysterious reason. (the markers must be out to get them.) But hopefully I'll get some ultra fine tip sharpies sometime for now I'll have to suffice with fat marker on the backs of old essay papers.
Guess what. I have school.