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<insert comment here>
hahahah, i get it, the opposite of kirbys dream world.... LOL!
yay, it looks so sinister, in an evil sort of goodish way... thing, whatvere you get my point!
yay backgrounds! and as it seems, me and teen pokey ARE usually the first ones to comment on thy comics
of course everything would be better would be better with a background
cameos are great. so is the comic.
yay, i guess the "gang's" all here.
yah, banners are ok, but what really matters is the comic, so therefore i dont really care either way.
whoever "guestman" is he makes a strong point
i've seen only a few episodes of zim, but this comic is hilarious! i shall now proceed to veiw your other comics!
couldn't have said it better myself.
yah, if he was any tougher, he might actually BE tough. yep, the more shines you got, the stupider he seemed to get.
aslo, what the crap, when he had the turbo nozzle, he should've tried using it to get away!!
stupid stupid stupid!
I messed up on the fourth time.

although i was going preeeeeeeeeety darn fast.
hahaha, zims too dumb to help me, hahaha... so true, although he might also be a turkey.

PS: yay for the new font, which by the way looks awesome!
turkey zim! I guess he spent the next like, 5 episodes avoiding gir and random shoppers and hobos while trying to return to his former irken self.

PS: hooray for pokey! I followed your link freee ,and well, the comics aren't too bad!

PPS: winjab, the zim font doesn't seem to turn out to well. perhaps you should just scrap it.
say hello to your second fan
oh yah, and thanx for being my one and only fan for shoo & box! I thought I'd check out yer comics also. see, I'm not such a bad person.
likes to prank box!!!! Box is dumb anyway so yay!;!;!;!;!;!
i see you like LOST o guest...
anyway thanks for the advice!
yah well,
i figured that might happen, but with paint you dont really get much of a selection, ya know? anyway, I'll see what i can do, and thanks for sticking around!