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There are many pokedex entries referencing pokemon eating each other, and the minds of people, and people..
And many that reference death in many other unpleasant forms.
Including some birds eating worms in a comic that has already mowed over a little bird and burned several bugs to death shouldn't even be worthy of concern.
He has a fire pokemon, why is he still using matches/lighter?
Think of the money he could save to spend on more cigarettes!
Or he could quit smoking and spend the money on important things like jerky and candy.
I'd scream too if I woke up to all that cute.
Gutripper uses ass scratcher.
It's super effective!
With the Diglett being called Gutripper
I suddenly had a vision of it being like the chestbursters from Aliens...
@ Sonow
Secretly Atticus had to get all flame retardant clothing due to an unfortunate smoking mishap which may or may not have resulted in the death of many woodland creatures.
Or that could be a planned gag that was just ruined :<
I want to know where the masked fellow acquired the mask.
And what material it is made from.
.. romantic atmosphere?
Does kinda look that way in the last panel ;)
I think Atticus would be more likely to punt the pikachu than to catch it.
Since it's just another rodent.
But if he did try to catch it I'd picture him stepping on the ball to make sure it didn't escape.

*checks to make sure cannot hear a lawnmower*
I thought the last panel was a joy filled heel click.
Possibly with a whoop that caused Atty's expression.

But since that isn't the case, I'm left wondering what he has just spotted DT doing instead.
The comic is maybe too good -_-
Because when I read this, it makes me briefly want to play again.
Which makes me sad that the games are so linear and silly.
I agree with Dalek555 there, that's totally what would happen in game anyway.
To be honest the fact that the victory face is a bit awkward reinforces the feeling that he isn't usually making that sort of expression.

And LoL at DT posing for so long after the strike, such a drama h00r ^^
Would that be a case of atty using ember on himself?

Cigarette burns hurt >.>
That or DT will come to share Atti's outlook on things.

I don't really see Atti having a huge change of heart.
@ misty123

Yes, yes I was.
It's only a flesh wound.
Tis but a scratch.