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I haven't much to say.
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hahaha so straight forward and casual about it
November 14th, 2012
in all honesty i hope tomoya's words hold true, and that he'll never feel that way for him, cruel as that may sound.
February 7th, 2012
Gasp! Perhaps this could be a second chance of some sort? :U
In all seriousness, I approve of this description. n_n I find it comforting, while it not being in any way preachy to a specific source.
so much sadness D':
Poor tiger :'c
Super Sad Face :c
I'm guilty of not commenting, I rarely do, I'm sorry .-. as much I love Herz and his brothers (their my favorite) and their story time, I am waiting a bit for the other characters' stories to advance as well.... perhaps this is the same reason for others, Idk. I would be extremely sad if you discontinued this comic, it was one of the very first comics I started reading on smackjeeves, and I love the humor as well as the drama, it is in no way like the other bl comics ever, very interesting. But as much as it would pain me for this to die, I do have to agree with AzurePersona, so if YOU genuinely wish to discontinue with this comic, then we are not able to stop you, for you are the genius behind it and the only on able to make such desicions.
He's so desperate to find him 3: such passion, such drama... lol
January 1st, 2012
ah, i loved this so much D: the halloween one too! its too cute, i am extremely looking forward to your future stories
January 1st, 2012
Is Isamu purposefully making that face or is that was Ishimura sees?
December 23rd, 2011
Poor Desmond, so embarrassed xD I love Leo! And this comic c:
December 10th, 2011
Gasp! :O I wonder if he's going to change his hair
December 5th, 2011
I think he means that now his secret is out in the open, the hiding and stuff is over.

On a different note: argh, you're perspective skills are so amazing, super jealous 3:
November 18th, 2011
I guess that's understandable. It's just unfortunate :<
November 13th, 2011
Heh, poor thing. I love his mug though c:
October 22nd, 2011
I hope Taiyou doesn't tell Hoshi that he didn't just to make him feel better or something :c this whole situation wasn't entirely Kyandi's fault, all he did was offer candy. Stand up for yourself child!
Jeez Tsuyoshi is so cute!! <3 i hope he likes sweets :<
September 24th, 2011
Ra! So handsome! <3 perhaps by aki choosing the cupcake, kondo will invite him over for a proper meal c: aki will be too afraid to say no!
August 7th, 2011
I think Kyandi's initial protesting was due to shock, and he knew it was wrong because Hoshi was his sister's boyfriend, so instead of just going with it maybe he felt that if he shouted out against it that Hoshi would come to his senses a bit. But its obvious in the scene above that Kyandi is contributing to the sexual situation, not simply giving up and letting Hoshi do as he pleases until its over, so I don't think the situation constitutes as rape. Hoshi is still in the wrong for his intoxicated aggression, but Kyandi is the helpless victim no longer.