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HAIYA!!! I'm known to most my internet buddies as Unregular514. i love scratch and DA. i am an otaku of large proporsions (i do not care if i spelled that wrong! X3) and luv HNKNA, Pandora hearts and most action mangas or shounen.
Sorry for the skethchiness (so a word) of these pages, I never will be able to use tones or Manga Studio. These are scanned straight out of my notebook as is. =w=' My laziness is the largest factor in it...
Vincent Hall
I finally got this done! Hurray~ <3 Can't wait to get started on pages! Also, the octopus car is named Martha, and is really fun to draw.
I'll hopefully get mine up by tomorrow. My scanner's being a betch. ;w;
;~; Yumiiii~ be with your brother, dangit~ >A<
Nuu~ >w< So into it too. curse, you better finish this. XD
i'm with panther. i say nothing. i heard a riddle alot like that...
YUSH! i'm so glad this is up.
Yeah..... So here it is. Somehow my paint program got removed so I had to use MS Paint. Hope people like him. ^^
this is sooooo OHSHC XD i lurv that show.
XD ren's expression is priceless.
man i just luv this guy! XD
OMG SQUEEEEEEE~ *fangirl scream* finally. XD