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uvu I am pretty mellow and shy, but I enjoy doodling and drawing. I used to write a lot but my muse for that has flown away and never come back. ;-;

I have a deviantArt account too~ Check it out<3
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I drew this for Summer/4th of July on dA, but I figured it would be nice here as well, to hold whoever is waiting off for a little while longer~ ;u;

My dA:
June 17th, 2012
A new character~ A young nekomimi.<3 And yes. That is a cape.
June 15th, 2012
;u; Th..They are outside. Sorry if you cannot tell.

They live in a small, two story apartment building. Clue and Sytos and an occupied third room on the second floor. Downstairs is, as you see, one "W. Knight" and his neighbour will be revealed next page. I think. XD;

Bottom floor rooms are bigger than the upper floors so there are only two down there.
June 15th, 2012
Welcome to chapter two~ Have a picture of Sytos (his actual name) stealing someone's lollipop.
...That "Ms. Man" rocked my roflcopter.
... You spelled 'suprise' instead of 'surprise' XD I didn't know if you cared about typos but.. yeah.

I love this comic btw P: I'd buy it if I could.