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My name is Ashley.
((My typing has advanced, so that's why I'm re-
typing all of this. :))

My hobbies are, drawing, texting with long-distance online friends (Only two or three people are the ones that I know online), and I also love to use Mechanical pencils more than regular pencils.

My occupation is: Student (Freshman).

Age: 14

Ethnicity: Hispanic

(I speak more of the English language than Spanish, so don't worry! :D My mother found that odd on how I spoke English only when I was small, though... Hmn...)

I live in Texas.
There might be an up-coming doujinshi coming on to
Up-Coming Doujinshi:
[!] Gravitation: Scroundrel
***(The title isn't chosen, but I just came up with this one along time ago.)

[!] Gravitation: Rough Love
***(The title might change as well. Is anyone up for the title: Ruff! Love? No...? Just wondering. Also, I have been a little lazy, and now I have the chance to post up things. I'd better get working!)

Also, I will have onr of my friends help me. (smiles)
Thank you for reading this.
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June 6th, 2011
o//u//o; M-my name is Ashley, too. (snickers)
Derp. ._.
I think there was a time that my friend tripped on her own feet tons of times... She hardly cares anymore! X'D When I mention it she's like, "STOP MOCKING ME ABOUT THAT! Yeesh-!"
That's what this page reminded me of.
I think I wanna' read that book. ._. Derp.
Poor Justin. He's a nice guy, Frootloop! DX Niiice~!
D' aww!
D' awww... He's blushing!
April 17th, 2011
X'D Why's my name on there?! (Ashley)
April 14th, 2011
Look at that thar guy!
He makes me smile. C:
"Yeah !"
Odd fellooow~! I like him. C:
X'D Da ha ha ha-!
"Good thing it wasn't on me dick!"

That just made me laugh my butt off... LOLLOLLOL~!
February 23rd, 2011
Is it me or does Zach seem so full of himself? I dunno'. D:
I agree with Ukiiukii...
February 21st, 2011
I know these pages are tests, but I love them! <3
I love your style! X'D Keep it up! I'm you're fan, girl!
You win +1 Internet
Danny is blushin' like a mad man! D'aaaw! X'D Alan is so staright forward. I lurv his expression!!!
Pfft--! The guy in back is like " What the heck is this? Tastes like poo! *twitches while chewing*"
I wanted to take the bag of cookies from him... D:
Tsundere alert~ <3
I like the style, it gives me a sort of soft feeling. And... is that the triforce triangle on the green shirt! I almost thought it was link, considering i went off topic.
Sorry, but i'm a fan-girl of link. Now i'm itching to see this comic some more.;;
July 28th, 2010
I was laughing at how the girls are all evil and stuff. And the pink haired guy sees them speaking nice. X'D
July 27th, 2010
I love stick people... Love your animations!