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Bat-Cat also has bat-like properties :P
OK this is from 2009 but given what's happened to the timeline since then, well...
Man, 2005, when 1024x768 was a decent resolution for a PC monitor. I think they were still the big old CRT monitors for the most part, too. Never include technology references in anything unless you want it to be set in a specific time period, I guess
@DarknessShallFall : I think the hobo's eating one too, hard to make out
Hi Z, yeah imploded and after several weeks of frustrating attempts to get it back in working order I fired the hosts. I'll probably get a dedicated site again when I can afford it
Still trying to wrestle a full story script out of my brain before plunging on with the artwork, but I got this scene done so here it is. Asher first appeared at
@heliumsquid: Ellen's used a wheelchair since 2006 and has never bitched about it. Neko loves the perma-lap but that's about as hard as we've ever actually touched on the subject within the comic.

I decided a long time ago that the chair was incidental to the character, and leaving it so without getting rid of it has turned out to be meaningful to some readers. Ellen uses a wheelchair, and, we revealed after 13 years, crutches to get to and from the wheelchair.

I try not to talk too much about future potential storylines
Just because Neko thinks Alice is tremendously cute doesn't mean he wouldn't eat her meat without a moment's hesitation. The relationship's not so much complicated as it is nuanced.
@TehKittyKate: mostly backend control, on my own website I could do variously fancy things with WordPress plugins and had better analytics. Truth be told I always had better audience engagement here, and of course SmackJeeves also has the benefit of being free.

Start your comic! It's a terrific craft, always something to learn.

Clip Studio Paint EX is the art program I use, it's very versatile and quite inexpensive. I've heard great things about Procreate on the iPad Pro, or if you're looking to start out cheap there's a free open-source program called Krita.

If you're going to be drawing digitally you'll need a stylus and tablet, I don't know if Wacom are still the best. If you're drawing on paper and scanning the stylus doesn't matter but you should still run your pages through your art program to tidy up stray marks and improve line contrast (krita is more than adequate for this)

SmackJeeves is a good comics host, especially if you're just starting out. You can schedule posts and you're notified whenever you get a comment
@Morzone: Thanks :) They've been giving me trouble for a little while actually so I might just end up switching hosts when I can afford it
Ellen can do short distances on crutches, but the chair is generally speaking more convenient for her. We're all caught up here now so I'll be working on scripts and will just start publishing here again once I'm back doing comics properly
Back again
So there's been some fuckery with the hosts over on the .net site so back here again. Actually haven't made anything new in a little while thanks to my usual brain shittiness plus an international move, but I've started writing scripts again so I'm going to get you guys caught up then take another hiatus while I actually script to the end of the story this time. Also my little finger on my right hand is in a splint so drawing's kind of out until that heals anyway, but that's not going to cover as long as scriptwriting takes
Hi Kate, there's some more at but you're kind of better off reading through on here. I'm going through one of my semi-regular "everything is futile" phases at the moment, which tend to pass after a while but rob me of my comics mojo. More 'between seasons' than 'finished'
@TehKittyKate: yeah this one's from 2004, Legendary Defender was more than a decade away! Still Voltron though
@Altessia: Thanks :) The regular updates are at, doing a bit with a cave over there right now
@Tehpikachu: LICK ALL THE THINGS!!
@Golb989: yeah but the dumb thing meant I didn't have to remember all the titles from the other page. There's another little while of this
There's actually note new comics at
@toman: I took a little mental health break after this and actually ended up cutting this scene. New comics are updating on the site and pick up here
2017 was a bit of a shitshow both personally and all over the news and my heart kind of went out of making comics. I drew this as a card for some friends ahead of going to their New Year's Eve party yesterday (shitshow comment aside, I know some wonderful people and do have my share of fond memories from the year gone).

Anyway, I coloured it with pencil, and it looks great in person but scanned like shit. I put it up on Patreon as a sketch and re-did it digitally today just for you.

I lose my comics mojo every couple of years. It tends to come back on its own after a while, but I never know how long that while is going to be. I can force it, but it kind of results in shitty comics.

So I'm taking a break to read and play video games and absorb input. I tend to make little comics as a by-product of existing so once that comes back I'm back in action.