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'tis fixed now, thanks :)
Holy crap people read Yellow Sticky!

(I had posted this twice, the previous comic is different now)
So the aforementioned character redesigns basically come down to 'use bigger pens', and I'm using fewer lines as well. The most noticeable one was Alice's hair, and this is how we're covering it. I know, I know, it's terribly unlikely, but if you've read the archive we lost the bar for unlikelihood a loooong time ago.
So I went to the doctor this weekend to ask about the pain in my thumbs. I've been given an anti-inflammatory and a painkiller, but pending the results of an Xray I...might be developing osteoarthritis. I've been directed to rest my thumbs. I've always gripped the pen pretty hard so I'm going to have to experiment for a while. I'm going to try the inkbrush tool, I've never really used it but understand it requires a lighter hand than the pen so it might be a better fit but would require a bit of a character redesign again. Experiments as they progress
So in case it hadn't become clear yet I've decided I like the mini comics. I've also registered an account with Line Webtoon and the old ashcan 'zine format aligns itself remarkably well with the more modern vertical scrolling format, so it all works out. Once again hi-res printable layouts for the minis are going up on Patreon because pay me dammit
@Horrible Jester: We're not going THAT dark!

You can read an analogue into Poe's dragon tears adventure in the last book if you like :P
@Luczinda: Possibly? I'm posting from Ireland so there's a time zone difference with a lot of readers. I'm not sure when I uploaded this tbh
Lol trumpcare
Well... it's a plan.
Man I had this all lined up and forgot about it, I've been busy at work. My boss is leaving and there's a new management team stepping in so I've kind of been left to my own devices. I've actually been a bit lost at sea because I'm used to being micromanaged to rigidly upheld and horrendously out-of-date practices, so researching how to do my job the right way is busy and stressful and actually pretty rewarding.
We're sticking with the Mini Comics format with high-resolution printables up on Patreon

Ireland appointed its first openly gay prime minister last week (taoiseach, pronounced tea-shock, actually, but prime minister for the sake of international understanding). It's...better as a symbol than as a reality, he's really very conservative and will do as much for gay rights in Ireland as Theresa May has done for women's rights in the UK. Of course of the two main parties in Ireland there's some disagreement as to which one is the conservatives and which one is the progressives, they're very much two cheeks of the same centre-right arse.

Still, it's a sign of progress that a major political party can recognise the gay son of an indian immigrant as the same kind of morally bankrupt, classist, money-hungry corruptible shitstack that's come to the head of the party for the last 70+ years. Here's an interview with Chris Rock from 2014 where it's about race not sexuality but it's talking about the same sense of progress as a society.
@antlan87: Incoming wormhole!
When a cat shoves its butt in your face it actually DOES want you to sniff it. Scent is very important to them so it's actually a friendly, even intimate, form of greeting. It's a heck of a backhanded compliment.
Sorry for the break, I need them every once in a while.

This was drawn out as a mini comic, they're how I got started making comics back in school and since doing the one for Free Comic Book Day I'm enjoying the format. Also with covers they're good printable bonus content for Patreon, and we have a couple of Patreon pledges now :D

There's more panels but the full 5-page spread was too tall so the rest's going up later
The trouble with comedy is you have to try to make it true-to-life without also making it incredibly fucking depressing. Money struggles are, ironically, a goldmine.

<img src="http://www.topwebcomics.com//images/voteimages/linklogo6.png">
@TimeScavenger: Are those my own words? That's disheartening. Five years on finances are worse than ever and I've long since accepted that this *is* just a hobby. Trying to make money out of it didn't work and made it not be fun.

We've some money trickling in from Patreon with a few of the pledges above dollar level, so that makes me happy, but I went through quite a lot of heartbreak five years ago and one of the things that broke was big ambition.

I do get thanked for continuing to make comics from time to time though, and that's always nice :)
New comic! I've had an annoying day so I'm going to keep the blog short on this one.

Any questions?
The shark has wings because Neko really doesn't research his fantasies at all.

You might have spotted the slightly different formatting this week, and that's because this one's another mini comic! The print version with the cover is a a Patreon exclusive though.

If you're considering pledging on Patreon do please consider harder, I just checked my bank balance and am even more screwed than I thought this month. That's pretty much the theme song for anyone younger than Star Wars though so don't sweat it if you're living the ramen life. We're up pee creek with like two thirds of a paddle xx

<img src="http://www.topwebcomics.com//images/voteimages/linklogo6.png">
@Freezer: You won the continuity error contest for this one!
@Ilera: Personal icons and avatars are fine :)

You missed a bit of space between his tail and his body though so I've filled that in for you and lit his cigarette at http://i.imgur.com/eJuFQaL.jpg