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Gearoid Molloy is 33 years old and lives in Dublin, Ireland with his fiancee Paige and our their two cats, brother-and-sister team Aleister and Ollie. He has a master's degree in English Literature, and received honours for his dissertation on 'Watchmen' by Alan Moore and David Gibbons in 2005.

Neko the Kitty originally started back in 2002 as a somewhat misguided attempt to impress women. Sometimes it stops updating for a while and then starts again without warning.

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Comment on Cull calling of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 05 Mar 2015 06:56 am
If you can see his pupils he's not looking Elsewhere (I've actually put quite a bit of thought into how the magic system works)
Comment on Cull calling of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 03 Mar 2015 04:53 pm
Maisy's the involved parent.
In the UK, badgers are occasionally culled to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis, which always draws controversy. Badgers are cute little mammals, and the connection between badger populations and bovine tuberculosis is highly questionable, so it's a popular cause.

Anyway, what Maisy is proposing here is murder, which is different.
Comment on ...aaaand we're back of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 28 Feb 2015 08:50 am
Oh cat anus isn't a fetish, it's just something you accept you're going to see a lot of if you live with cats.
Comment on ...aaaand we're back of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 22 Feb 2015 05:59 am
I actually edited the comic because panel 4 showed Aya's left leg intact. Same thing happened with the scar on Keno's ear for quite a while after he got it, but the error's a bit more glaring when it's a whole limb.

I hadn't even considered that someone might be surprised to see cat anus in this comic.
Comment on Such philosophical of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 21 Feb 2015 03:32 pm
No prizes for guessing what I was doing when this popped into my head. I'm partway through the next story page as I type this, but Neko got bored and wandered away from the main story a while ago, and this is what he's doing.

<img src='http://topwebcomics.com/rankimages/rankimage.aspx?ImageTemplate=dynamiclink2&a mp;SiteID=13974'>

Had a pretty good week last week. The app I work for, WholeWorldBand won 'Best App' at the Digital Media Awards on Saturday, so I'll be going in to happy bosses on Monday. Also I've been learning an app prototyping tool called JustInMind, which is pretty easy to use to be honest, but god damn right I'll be listing 'Prototyping' amongst my skills in the future.

I also played a game called Magicians and Looters on Steam. It's a great little action game - I'm not sure whether to describe it as a Metroidvania, because while there's a strong exploration element within each area, once you're done with an area you don't really need to go back to it in order to finish the game.

Anyway, it's fun. You play as three apprentice wizards (two girls and a boy) on a quest to rescue their kidnapped master. You switch between characters at camp sites (your save points) using their assorted skills to explore the vast map and murder absolutely everything.

It's entirely possible that the skills of all three apprentices could have been combined into a single character, but a good part of the game's charm is in the dialogue. You gain spells and abilities throughout your adventure, and question the ease with which you learn these new spells and the effectiveness of your master wizard's teaching methods. There are a couple of laugh-out-loud lines as your party bickers amongst themselves, and the epilogue once you beat the final boss is just hilarious.

It's not a long game - I did a bit of backtracking for treasure once I got the teleport spell and could move about the map easily. Finished the game with about 95% map discovery and 90% of items found, with a little over six hours on the clock. It's a decent length for an action game - I wanted a couple of hours more, and that means neither the gameplay nor the comedy outstayed their welcome.

Graphics are fine, they're neither particularly impressive nor especially offensive. It's all done in a pixelated SNES style with fairly basic animation on a limited selection of enemies. The male player character has a funny-looking run, but that's a function of the character having a funny-lookin run rather than a deficiency in the way he's animated. It's not an ugly game, but neither is it a beautiful one.

The music's great, though.

At full price I'd give it Magicians and Looters C+/B-, it's funny and there's a good sense of adventure, but it's short and most of the bosses have at least one cheap move. However, I got it on sale so it gets a solid B+ and a recommendation for anyone who likes side-scrolling run'n'jump exploration with a side of sociopatic comedy.
Comment on ...aaaand we're back of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 21 Feb 2015 06:39 am
Comment on ...aaaand we're back of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 19 Feb 2015 07:50 am
@vlad: Depression's fairly common in general, and is downright endemic amongst entertainers (not sure which way the cause/effect relationship goes there, or even if there is one). Are cartoonists particularly prone to it? I don't know, I'm not sure there have been studies. Probably.

The kind of person who draws comics likes to be left alone (as evidenced by their tendency to sit drawing comics for hours on end), but also craves attention and approval (as evidenced by putting our work online, which means it's not done just for the sake of doing it). If you get a bit successful there's a sort of anonymous celebrity to it. I think the kind of person who wants that probably tends towards internal conflict.

There's a fairly rich vein of thought there to mine, but I'll have to get back to it because I'm at work right now.
Comment on ...aaaand we're back of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 16 Feb 2015 07:21 pm
Howdy all,

First up I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who kept checking up on the site and leaving comments. It's really nice to know people miss the comic when it's not updating.

For those of you who were worried about me - thanks for your concern, I'm OK. Breaks in schedule tend to occur when I'm particularly stressed or when the ol' depression's flaring up.

Depression's boring so I'm not going to talk about it for long. Being boring is, for me anyway, basically depression's core mechanism. When it's acting up, stuff that's usually fun just...stops being fun. A labour-intensive hobby like making a comic is a fairly natural casualty to that sort of thing, and it tends to get a bit worse in winter.

Anyway, I haven't had a really BAD episode in quite some time. While I'm a bit off 'normal' in terms of behaviours and modes of thought characteristic of depression, it's more useful (and probably more true) to think of that as part of my personality rather than trying to pathologise it.

There are people for whom it's a constantly debilitating and life-threatening illness. For me it's more like a sort of emotional eczema. It's ugly and unpleasant and never really goes away, but really it's not that bad.

Not sure what the update schedule's going to be like for the next little while. The eczema's pretty much cleared up, but there's now another factor in play.

You might remember I was doing an internship with the music collaboration app WholeWorldBand last year. Well, that turned into a graphic design job! Check out the app if you've got an iPad or iPhone, I made all the buttons :D The app's still a work in progress, we're adding new features and the list's long enough to keep me in work for a while, which is good because they're awesome to work for.

Potential downside is that working in graphic design uses a lot of the same mental faculties as making comics, and is infamous for having a detrimental effect on that sort of creativity. I've never been able to stay away from making comics for terribly long, but my energy and drive for visual creativity after a day's work being visually creative may be lower than it was when my workday consisted of endless repetitive tedium.

I have an idea where the story's going and I'm going to try for a page a week rather than updating as a strip several times a week. Hopefully with this approach I'll be able to manage everything. If updates aren't clockwork-regular though, it's likely that I'm just worn out from work and shouldn't be cause for concern.

Thanks again for your continued support, stay tuned for more advencha, more cute, and of course more cynicism and dick jokes.

Comment on Sapient Pear of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 17 Dec 2014 02:23 am
@Connors: Absolutely. I goddamn love me some Terry Pratchett. He's my favourite author, and it's rare that I have a clear favourite *anything*.

Haven't read Dragons at Crumbling Castle yet, but I've read up to Raising Steam in the Discworld books. That there industrial revolution that's been building for more than thirty books is really getting going!
Comment on Sapient Pear of Neko the Kitty
NtKGar, 11 Dec 2014 08:37 am
I'm actually kind of curious as to how scientifically accurate it is to think of fallen leaves as tree poop. It depends on how well eating works as a metaphor for photosynthesis.

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