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The trouble with comedy is you have to try to make it true-to-life without also making it incredibly fucking depressing. Money struggles are, ironically, a goldmine.

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@TimeScavenger: Are those my own words? That's disheartening. Five years on finances are worse than ever and I've long since accepted that this *is* just a hobby. Trying to make money out of it didn't work and made it not be fun.

We've some money trickling in from Patreon with a few of the pledges above dollar level, so that makes me happy, but I went through quite a lot of heartbreak five years ago and one of the things that broke was big ambition.

I do get thanked for continuing to make comics from time to time though, and that's always nice :)
New comic! I've had an annoying day so I'm going to keep the blog short on this one.

Any questions?
The shark has wings because Neko really doesn't research his fantasies at all.

You might have spotted the slightly different formatting this week, and that's because this one's another mini comic! The print version with the cover is a a Patreon exclusive though.

If you're considering pledging on Patreon do please consider harder, I just checked my bank balance and am even more screwed than I thought this month. That's pretty much the theme song for anyone younger than Star Wars though so don't sweat it if you're living the ramen life. We're up pee creek with like two thirds of a paddle xx

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@Freezer: You won the continuity error contest for this one!
@Ilera: Personal icons and avatars are fine :)

You missed a bit of space between his tail and his body though so I've filled that in for you and lit his cigarette at http://i.imgur.com/eJuFQaL.jpg
Got some bad news: Our landlady wants to move back into the apartment we're currently living in, so we've got to find a new one. If anyone knows of a place to rent in Dublin that's OK with cats, please drop us a line, thanks.
I actually drew up another mini comic but the print template's going to be a Patreon exclusive so coloured fantasy panels which I don't have to pay to print HUZZAH! Free comic book day went pretty well, people seemed to like the mini comic. My vast personal wealth still hasn't materialised but I'm already about as bitter as I'm gonna get over that.

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And there you have it! The printable version with covers is free at the Neko the Kitty Patreon page, Free Comic Book Day is Tomorrow, so it's the last day for erstwhile Nekolytes to abuse their college or office printing privileges and get involved. Print the pages double-sided so the intro page is on the back of the front cover in the bottom right and it's pretty easy to figure out how to fold and cut it. Have a good weekend everybody!

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Page 4 of our Free Comic Book Day mini comic is kind of a bridge between pages 3 and 5 but it's Thursday and I never could get the hang of Thursdays. There's a printable version for free at the Neko the Kitty Patreon page and we're trying to get the Nekolytes involved. I'm in Dublin, so if our international readers could print a couple of the mini comics out and give them to your local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday you'd really be helping me out. Pass them out in the queue , make some friends :)
Page 3 of daily upates, there's a public post on the < href="https://www.patreon.com/nekothekitty>Neko the Kitty Patreon including downloads to print your own Neko the Kitty mini comic. Print on two sides of an A4 page, fold it over twice and cut the top and there you have it. Print out a bunch for your friends! Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, and I've never met a comic shop owner I didn't like so it's a great day to get out and explore the comics community even if you don't have a lot of money.

Keno & Co continue their doodly advenchas in the vote incentives, they've made friends with an otter and I don't know where she came from but her name's Inka of the Two Rivers and she's been tagging along for a while now. I'm going to start putting a repository of the Keno strips up in the Patreon feed because I probably should have been doing that all along.

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I'm actually really proud of this pun and I think that's because I'm 35 now. This is page 2 of our Free Comic Book Day mini comic, there's a printable version available at https://www.patreon.com/nekothekitty , print a couple out for your local comics shop!

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Little bit of a format change this week Free Comic Book Day is coming up on Saturday so we've created a mini comic which I'll be printing a bunch of copies of and distributing to comic shops around Dublin. The printable foldable version is available for free on the Neko the Kitty Patreon Page, so if some of our worldwide readers could print out some copies for their own local comic shops that would be really cool.

Anyway, limited time means I've gotta be efficiently creative and creatively efficient, and minus the covers and intro page the mini comic's five internal pages, so that's an update every day for this week!

People will go for that, right?

Don't forget to vote at Top Web Comics!

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@magic_beefy: Heh, I accounted for the generation gap from Falco to Simpsons but not the one from Simpsons to Family guy. I just wanted to give everyone the mental image of Neko eating a tumor :P
@magic_beefy: OK but we're keeping the 'Cat Eating It' ending
Actually when I started making NtK it was in memory of my old cat Garfield who had died at the ripe old age of 18 earlier that year. My earliest memory was of that cat. We've got three cats now, brother and sister Aleister and Ollie were joined a couple of years later by rescue and foster failure Luna Belle
Ear worm! It's Rock Me Amadeus by Falco although some of you are probably more familiar with this version

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April 24th, 2017
The plot for this book is quite a bit more grounded than the last one

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@RiversideWren: Commentary! The Musical, I remember that! Our DVD copy of Doctor Horrible is living with Ellen's namesake at the moment, and will probably find its way back to us some day, and she may even have watched it.

Ellen's all about them books but will occasionally allow herself to be entertained by something that makes a noise, so everyone loves recommending and loaning stuff to her because she hasn't seen *anything* and likes stuff when she gets around to it. She only got around to Alien and Aliens a couple of years ago despite Ripley being one of the very few really famous Ellens in popular culture.
Ellen's either still with her date or went straight to work from their place :) We're definitely reintroducing Ellen but I want to build her up a bit, you know, like Jaws.

Spielberg actually credits Bruce the Robotic Shark for teaching him a lot about suspense in filmmaking. There's only a couple of shots of the shark because the damn thing didn't work and they only got a couple of shots of it they could use, so he was forced to improvise. The result turned out to be a classic, and really informed Spielberg's style

It's been mostly Keno's story for a while so switching the viewpoint back to the eponymous Neko the Kitty is actually quite a big shift. There's a reason we reset the strip count. Now that I look at it we've dropped 'Comics' from the title too, I wonder when that happened?

I've actually re-registered nekothekitty.net but have come face to face with my dread enemy Coding trying to do something about it. If anyone has a couple of hours to help set up Wordpress site with whatever the new version of Comicpress is called I'd appreciate your time and can pay you in paintings. Call it three watercolour postcards or an A4 size watercolour illustration (I'd recommend the postcards as I like working in miniature)

I could figure it out given enough time, but I've maxed out my communication skills with English and Illustration and have always really struggled with code and languages, it's actually something of a family trait, we're all very highly literate but completely set in our syntax, all my siblings and griblings (there isn't a collective noun for uncles and aunts that are blood relatives and goddammit it's 2017 so I'm calling it: Griblings are to siblings as grandparents are to parents) are the same

We last saw Ellen right around the time Keno first got lost with Murphy.

Also holy hell this is the 79th strip in the reboot? We're creeping up on #100 again.

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