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Just AJ. Literally, this is the closest thing to my real name, so.

NONLINEAR: this is for me to practice my comic/manga-making skills. From this, once I get to that point, I'll probably make a side story to it called King. Ironically, me getting around to making King is helping me more, lol. maY Make it to bl in the very distant future. like probably my expected halfway point to it. idk

ANY OTHER COMIC I HAVE HERE: i am so sorry but im probably not gonna update those...
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@ZHODY the delfinator: actually, yeah. The first version of this was when I was in 5th grade, directly from the short story I did for this. It's in one of my notebooks but I never bothered to scan it because I was too lazy (I was 10 lol)

It's 7 years since then, so I'm definitely going to revamp the story to include slightly more content and backstory, but the structure overall will be the same to the original.

Thanks for your support ^^ !!
@ZHODY the delfinator: omg i was so surprised to see a comment on this after three years of it being inactive. I'm sorry that it's pretty much dead, but I do appreciate that you enjoyed what little there was of it!

I've actually been thinking about remaking this (again..........) but I'm graduating from high school this year so I'm super busy with applications and an already ongoing project of mine. If I do decide to go through it, I may post it up here. It'll probably work as a way so I can relax when making a comic while relearning how to make them.

Anyway, sorry for the inactivity and thank you for looking at my work!
I know I could use the News tab but
I dunno, making small announcements in the author's comment feels more right. But I guess if there are more complex things for me to announce or if I just feel like it, there'll actually be stuff in the News section.

But anyway!

I've made this page because of two (??) no, three reasons.

Chapter 2 will be out soon (in fact I already finished two pages of it) but I'm still trying to figure out things like they layout of Hugh's dorm, his roomie, and the overall direction of the chapter. Like for the last chapter, I was like, "okay Hugh and David meet in a cafe, and go" and that was it. It took me a while to figure out how to close the chapter, but hey I got there! For now, I think is just to introduce Hugh's roomie and his student life.

The other thing is that just a heads' up, when things are structured well enough, romance will seep in but hopefully, it won't over shadow the plot. But that's like, in the way distant future. The best signal I can give you is that it'll probably happen when Leslie is introduced. But that'll be when the comic's time setting is around spring break. Yeah.

Third thing is that I'll be making a small character profile's page while I plan stuff out. On my art blog on tumblr, sometimes I do sketches for this but it's mostly what I consider to be spoilers, so.

But that's it!

Thank you for reading my comic so far and the huge block of text I just typed up and have a great day! (◡‿◡✿)
(part one of this on previous page)

which is basically the dang heatwave that somehow went over wherever hugh and david are located (which i've decided to be in the general north east part of the usa, probably somewhere in rural massachusettes)

and y’know just because it’s summer now, the start of this comic is in fall, and hugh and david aren’t as close as they are above in the comic at the moment, it didn’t stop me from drawing all of that and i’m okay with that

an announcement will be up later, probably in the afternoon. just vaguely stating things that'll happen in the comic later on, what i'll be doing while planning the basic structure some more, etc.

high resolution post on tumblr here
...and david's poor clothing choices is one of them

second attempt at a new coloring style! turned out better than my first time (GOOD)

extra continued on next page

high resolution post on tumblr here
And that's the end of the chapter! What will happen with Hugh and David? We'll just have to see!
it's pretty fun drawing Hugh's phone, but the screentoning tho for it is kinda... eugh... since i want the text to be seen (of course) but the screentoning kinda gets in the way :\

note: leslie is hugh's best friend and will be properly introduced later on in the story (aka, ur gonna see how leslie looks like among other things)
Only one more page left for this chapter! Two pages, tops!!

I'll update later today, or just later in general because it's now 7:05 AM and I haven't gotten any sleep yet.
I think it's only a few more pages, then this chapter will end! Well, that'd be a first for me, haha!
Should I tell you guys how tempted I was to put a 'doki' sfx in the last panel? I'm gonna tell you guys how tempted I was to put a 'doki' sfx in the last panel.

I was tempted to put a 'doki' sfx in the last panel.
Man, I really need to step up my paneling game.
Also my background game.
Y'know, I've read/watched a lot of things with a protag with social anxiety, and it's not like they didn't take care of the situation properly or anything, but they never out right said it. And to me that's kinda pretending that it doesn't exist or something, which I'm pretty sure isn't the creators' intended purpose!! But idk to know out right that a character has social anxiety and to see them try to get out of it is pretty big to me, and I hope to do that with Hugh and carry it out the best I can.
I mean, it's hella easy to draw David, given the fact that he has no head and all, really saves time. But it does take away drawing expressions for him!! With the reader and characters not knowing his facial reactions to things, it does make it harder to know what he's thinking, doesn't it? David's found this as a problem for himself way earlier on before the comic started and wanted to make up for it by body language, but he kinda fails at it, so it's REALLY hard for him to try and express himself without facial expressions. Sometimes it makes him cold and aloof, but really it's just hard to read him... since, well... you can't see his face...

I'll update with more later today, probably! I haven't slept yet and I need to, lol.
i REALLY wish i could do perspective right, too :\
dang, i really wish i could do backgrounds
that'd be nice
If it isn't obvious right now, it'll be said in a couple pages why Hugh's so... well, Hugh.

I think I may have hinted it in my comments, but have never out right said it, lol.
Sorry for the really late update! As you know, this comic is really experimental for me. Not only am I seeing how I'll go when it comes to making comics I'm just...


winging it...

Also the style may change from time to time-- little (like this) or big (maybe)! Actually, the main reason I've been so slow with the update is because I was really worried over using the previous style with more or less the same turn out. It really held me back and since I'm using this as a learning experience, I felt that I shouldn't hold myself back like that. I was planning to switch out styles at least per chapter but I don't think I'll do that (even though it'll make this look a little bit more neater...)

But due to my own experiences reading comics on here, I feel that seeing the artist change styles over time may look the comic a little bit inconsistent, but you also get to see them grow as an artist (and a story teller) as time passes on!

(now that i've finished that essay i'm gonna work on the next page now while i'm still pumped on working on it, lol)
Hello! Unlike most of the above comments, I didn't read this over time, but instead in one sitting due to me getting really bored and looking up some BL comics here.
I'm really happy to have found this one in particular because I got really attached to the characters was really invested in where the plot was going, and I loved your sense of humor (minus the rape jokes, though). When I started out, I saw the difference between your art style from the beginning until the end and I continued to see that as I read further on with the comic!
In the three (I think it's three...) hours I've spent reading this, I've seen this comic, with its characters, plot line, and characters grow over time and it makes me really happy to see and inspires me to do my best with my projects too!

Thank you for taking your time in creating this story and I hope you'll do better in your future projects!! (˘◡˘)☆