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I'm Navalo The Echidna! *yawn* XD
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    Dont take it this far...
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Thanks. I got them from Google!
You have a point. I will try to do that.
This is my sis
This is my sis at Spriter's Alliance on Ning.

She is so funny.
I'm cool like that.
You have LimeWire? *awesome face*
*eye twitch*
Damn. Good thing I applied.
Your bro makes a nice comic right there! No crit.
Sup. I'm new here and I've been waiting for a comic to share my "Sonic's Capsule Addicents" series. So can I please? I was also wondering if I could make my own accidents without you doing them. *loses breath* Ok I'm done.
What the hell is with this commotion? I understand this fails but why are you guys doing this? Oh yeah I'm new here.STop the FUCKING FLAMING!