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Wahh! I just wanna draw comics for the rest of my life.

Much love,

P.S. You draw fanart for me, I draw fanart fer you.
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This. Is. So. Great. I'm totally loving this comic!! Eagerly awaiting an update!
OMG I'm in love with this. Everyone needs a good fighting comic! Can't wait for an update!
These comics make my life.

nuff said.
So Isai shows his true colors...

I'd like to give out a shoutout to my dearest friend Tyler who instead of partaking in gym class has deep discussions about literature and character development.

Here's a wormy for you! ~
I really like this, the characters are really original and I'm anxious to read more!
Paisey Evans.

p.s. you fanart me, i fanart you.
I DIDN'T see that coming! Update more please!!
Thank You
A big thanks to everyone whose read so far! Thanks for sticking with us! ~x
December 13th, 2010
Totally forgot to shade meahay's hair in those last pages. Forgive meeee.
December 13th, 2010
Check That Out
You updated. Way to go.
Meahay Musings 1
And that my good people is Chapter 1. I'm very proud of myself for making it this far. The art will only get better and don't be surprised if my style changes from time to to time. That's just progress. School is coming so updates may be fewer, but defiantly sweeter!

all my love

If you know who that "Mysterious new character" is, DON'T RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE.


Big White Space.

Do ignore.

Note: Thanks to all the people who make tones, I won't write all your names here because frankly I have waay tooo many here. If you see something that belongs to you, congrats, it was pretty enough for me to decide to use it. Thanks tons!
skimped out on actually drawing the contents of the closet. You'll get a feel for what's in there by what the characters themselves wear. They will never wear the same thing twice...ever.
Tones are copyrighted to Em-e-chan @ deviantart. They are awesome!
Your hard work really shows in the quality of your art. It is some of the best I have seen anywhere. Please keep it up and I will simply have to check out the main site!
Tell me how I'm doing lovelies. ~<3
Another Update
Aren't you all so lucky, a new update.
*The Great Move

This story takes place approximately 450 years after a massive earthquake rocked the surface of the Earth. Thus the continents were reformed and many cultures such as Japanese, South America, England, Greenland, and other small islands were completely destroyed. The people who survived, 45% of the world's population, decided that this world that they lived on was no longer fit to be called "Earth" and opted for the name "Tera". The word "earth" is only used when talking about the ground, or when discussing ancient history. History has many holes in it seeing as though with the floods that came with the Move, much paper history and artifacts were destroyed. The world they live in now is vastly different than "Earth" and the culture is very different.