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So, does that mean Luca's race isn't endothermic?
In the Scion universe, shamans, like Bryn, perform their arts by using a mind altering substance to open their minds for spirit channeling. As a result, shamans develop strong tolerances to most naturally occurring drugs, including sedatives. Which is why Bryn had to be knocked out instead of drugged.
Not worried.
We know Eila survives because she and Cain have babies later in the future.
Great way to begin their day, drugged and kidnapped. It's probably not even their worst morning after.
Smooth, Jessin, smooth.
May 8th, 2012
Here begins chapter one, here's our three main protagonists.
Am I the only one who knew this was coming? It was foreshadowed pretty obviously in the previous chapter.
November 29th, 2011
Think fast...
If they think fast they can say Alain was there on a house call to conduct a prostate exam. XD
Why am I getting an enormous sense of deja vu from this page?

Also, I admire your dedication to making comics. That's a huge amount of time you devote to it.