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If clouds had a personality, I'd imagine I'd be something similar to what that would be.
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Having issues
Uploading this page. Angered face.
Was in the mood to do a page.
Don't know if I'll get around to doing more tonight/within the next few days. Maybe.
hurr hurr!
Lookit me go! I'm so productive!
Did this because I wanted to. Not sure about any schedules or anything. Rawr.
yes yes...
Been two or so months. Been preoccupied with things - busy with others.

It was mostly getting fed up of the animation process in photoshop. So I got angry at it and didn't touch anything until I was able to fiddle with Adobe flash a bit.

Still have no clue what I'm doing in Flash, but I at least know how to make different frames. And it's less agonizing then the layer 'click' add layer - go back to the start, unclick, go to where you where, 'click'... and all that bullcrap.

Probably don't know what I'm talking about... if that's the case - then good. Save yourself from the pain.
Depends, really. If there's not too much movement/I don't have to worry about backgrounds, not long.

If like on this page I'm animating a full figure - then there's hour's of sketching and then hours of coloring. Good practice though.
This page was quite a bit of work - so shut up and don't point out any possible inconsistencies! xD
There seems to be a glitch on one of the hands, I went back and double checked it in photoshop and its not there... Meh..

As for the two month delay - more computer issues and getting sucked up into minecraft building projects. Nothing more to say.
@royalechris: Thank you! I tried to be as detailed and yet as lazy as possible! xD
I want to keep pages/animations longer - but I might have to keep them shorter since I'm limited with PS5. >:[
I'm suddenly sad that I cannot read french, this comic looks interesting.
Did anyone miss me?
Took me long enough. Distractions distractions.

It was going to be longer - but I decided this was delayed long enough and I'll just put it into the next page.
I hated this page...
SO so much.

It's obvious where I gave up and failed. Oh well.

Edit: Resized.. but this comic zooms by... Eh... I'll use the regular time delay next time.
ah HA
@VikingScarecrow: hopefully I can keep coming out with this 'mind blowing' material...! ^^'
I think it works.
Better work
Better work better work better work...
If all goes well...
Page one should be a gif. Don't hold your breath though.
What could this mean!?!?!? No more drawings of children in this frame!?!?!

...I for one, suck at kids and this was refreshing.
No big accomplishment update wise. Juuust a lot of text.