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I like to draw and study different things on the side : )
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December 30th, 2016
Not a review but...
This is such a good comic!!! I love the story and art and I love what a simple concept the premise is. It's gives me many feelings about all these themes the comic touches on. It's got such a good flow too!
1st cover of Assassin Hero, the story of a thief and pro hitwoman meeting!
Just posting a comic here to say: yes! My entrance exams to EKA are over. I really want to get in this year too. It's a coincidence they even opened the department, usually there's a three year gap. Now I just have to wait a long time for the results and do other stuff meanwhile. The exams themselves were very exciting! I think I should maybe make some comics about those too when i get the time.

Let's make a new rule like this Sofia! If one of us can't upload a comic, the other can do so instead. This way, non of us have to wait for the other for very long.

Hope you're doing well, and here's to a good school finishing year to you too!; )
oh my god wad is diis
Sorry Sophia.Apparently this is all i could muster after about two months of sort of sitting on the idea of a comic where i could tell ALL about the things i've been doing up til that point.But yeah,this is all :'D

Perhaps the saddest thing about this is that I really do own beachwear like this.Too bad I don't go there during summers as often anymore haha.

Also,also:24-hour comic day is this weekend????? I'm gonna be sitting home and doing that then.
July 2nd, 2011
W-wow.I didn't even see that coming ;>,>
oh go dthat last panel
Oh god,that last panel~<3
I really like how it strike out from the rest of the page but doesn't de-tach from it.
July 2nd, 2011
nice blush
Those blushes you've painted in are soooo perfect~ Likw,on all of them
I'm the gravest,the latest

Seriously though,we haven't talked in over a month,I'd like to think these comics won't predict the future or anything,ahahha
I'm really worried about you Sofia,where are youuuuu

To somehow make up for not posting a new page for a month,here are some of the unfinished comics I rejected+ process shots and such:

Also,I think it is time we started for reals this time.

In other news:I got a job in march~ and I am at home about 2 days a week,while at other times I stay at my dad's in Tallinn.Any updates to anywhere of anything will be naturally scarce,but I'll try to do my best!
@ H-P - Yeahp,that's meant to be estonian.The two of us like languages,so we occasionally speak our own languages : D
I hope it comes across that that 'Teine?Neljas?' just means that this is the second comic frmo me,and the fourth in a row XD
Woah!Kegan and his words are badass.
The next
this was originally three separate pages for viewing convenience,but here I think it might work better as one complete comic.I also made them smaller *w*
...I'm pretty confused right now,but I hope this page will make sense to everyone else >_>

Also,what happened to the original comments I was going to have as an alt text?Well,I figured they might just be too confusing for any new reader... But obviously,these comics work fine without any further text,right?Right.
But but but but,uh
So this is the the second comic of the comic exchange project me and Sofia are starting.Um,I don't really know what else I should be saying here,but this is really exciting for us, so we'll be sure to make mistakes on the way.But we'll learn from them ;D
We're going to upload the old comics for now,since it's going to take some time settling the site in.
Should we put the original release dates next to them? I wouldn't know ;'D
Also,I'm going to put the original comments into the alt text.
I think I like Kegan a lot better now.
He seems so much more human thanks to this page ;w;
mym again!
Wait,what...Gunner drives a car?!? ...
...well this just makes him triple the awesome C:<
uh...mym here ... :D
askdlkasjf I just have to mention this.
Nice touches on the last few pages!Lucas' reactions to everything(everything!) from the way he looks up at mr.Jerkglasses to the way he sheds tears.And that last panel where he goes *shiver*.Seriously,I love Lucas.He's like a combo of cuteness.
The saddest
Aawwh.Now that's just the saddest image ever.Why would they bully him like that? D:>
This page.It is totally awesome.I love how exasperated poor Simon is c:
Also,sooo excited for more!