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Silhouette the Hedgehog
I haven't been on this site in a LONG time :u

In the process of making changes and stuff.
And so it does! You have already been Hypocr- I mean Raquel, but who now? Choose any of mysterious shadowed out characters. Does it really matter who you choose? Not really. They're all crappy fantrolls anyway.
You guess you better stop being lazy and actually go outside and have a fly around... *mutter mutter*

Oh! But what is this? A random character selection screen! ...on a continuous loop. Maybe the next page will have your options.
Bed? What's a bed? You sleep on a mattress, douchebag. And why would you need to bounce on it anyway? All you have to do is open your wings, take a running leap and off you go.

But flying inside is stupid. You open your wings for no reason and continue to scowl.
@AlexAwesome: Yus but so is editing Sonic sprites - or any sprites for that matter. I'm not claiming the original sprites as my own though.
@AlexAwesome: I didn't know there was a fantroll creator thing; I just edit the sprites myself.

I use (aka PDN).
You're not really hungry, because you're always kinda hungry. You just wanted to get away from Eansha. After him telling you about LEFT 4 DEAD, you've been really angry with him. You hate ZOMBIES, especially that BREEDER.

You just stand there, scowling like a douchebag, wondering what to do next.
@Mos: lol sorry it's hard for even me to read sometimes |D
Oh look someone's trolling you. Better go sort out that short greenblood you call a moirail immediately.
Your name is RAQUEL GOLDIE and you are a SKYTROLL. As it is obvious with your clearly visible WINGS. Your LUSUS is a BUDGIE and often has to take over your HUSKTOP when you are away getting a SNACK. Oh yeah, you have a FEITSH for WEIGHT GAIN. Which involves feeding yourself and others for a DESIRED EFFECT. Not many people let you do this to them though, so you must resolve to RPING on Trollian.
That thing in the corner is your MATRESS. You don't sleep in your RECOOPERACOON as you HATE getting SOPER in your wings. Soper is for eating as yummy PIES after all.

Your username is fantasiCellulite and your typing quirk 12 4 \/\/31RD F0R/\/\ 0F 1337 3|\|D |-|4RD|_\|/ 4|\|\|/0|\|3 C4|\| |_||\|D3R2T4|\|D 1T.

Oh stop looking like that, you have your name now so be quiet. Go troll someone or something.
That doesn't work either. You really should stop guessing and let yourself be introduced properly.
Oops. It seems she doesn't approve of this. Let's try again, shall we?
A young troll stands in her bedroom. She needs a name. What shall her name be?
The people who are saying it's a cop out is only because their favourite character didn't win XD

But I will always say this:
Sonic > Megaman > Mario
@LuigidamanV2: That's fine, and if you're not happy with my little kiddy comic of Mary Sues and fail fan characters I'll politely tell you to go c:
I'm guessing St. Peter is one of them?
lol @ all the swearing clones XD

Hey I recorded all those voices from the previous script, but I did a really shitty job of it. Do you want me to still send you them?