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Why yes,Yes I am making a new sprite comic,Bark and bite will be discontiuned though with a few other comics on suspension.
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Just Coffee...
Does this mean this comic is alive again?
Sarcasm is just one of the many things I offer.
Because shopping is every guys favorite thing to do.Yep...
Love your comic so im faving.

Edit: 50th fan!
Party Rock Anthem plays.Couldnt help it.
Aw I want the next ride then!
Plot used Mean Look!

Lucas cannot run away!
Is it just me or do you honestly support checkmate shipping?This and the last page seemed alot like it...Not trying to pick on you or any thing!
Cue the intro song for after you sign up.*Hums*
December 6th, 2011
My sorry gift for you guys.

My compure is kinda broken so It will be hard for me to make comics.
November 25th, 2011
And we're back sorry for the delay guys.School is out to get me I swear!That and I found out I cant make emotions clear.
Hey Dylan,That sound your making,You might wanna stop it.
Aw Appa just keeps getting cuter..T_T((Tears of to much cuteness.))
Are the differnt floors counted as new areas?If so,Head please met my keyboard.
Yeah I know right guys she likes doesnt get that she likes him
This is my first animation so what do you think?
Yes back when it was still cool?
I actully mean the first ever one. I maybe watched it three four times the most.
All I could think was Digimon in that panel.