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Hi! my name is Naomi, but you can call me Mimi. I'm from Argentina and I have 25 years old.
I've drawn since I was little, but I left it aside due to things of life ... Now I plan to return!
Is Yaoi only? .w.
I found this page hard to do @_@U
But it was worth the effort!! Because I love how I did it x3
Well! This page is worth two days! Muahahaha (?)
We also have exams and a lot to study next week! T_T
Give us a day of break xD

See you on Tuesday!
Weee!! (L)
i love it

ehmm... ._.
i like x3
Man! They are so popular!!! Look out!

Alex where fu@$%&# are you?! D=<

We have much work! We are late @_@U

PS: We don't speak English very well, we do our best! n_nU (Corrections will be grateful =D)
¬ ¬ I hate spiders
Wiii! We arrived to the second page! Super (?) Hahaha
Well, I hope more people comment and add to fav * _ *
We are pleased to show our stories!
Hope you like!            
you are my first comment!!!
sooooooooo soooooooo much!
I'm not very good drawing backgrounds, so I started using images that the "manga studio" has. Im sorry, I swear that I'll do it by my self in the future.
I Promise! =D
Well, that's all, thank you guys (Yani and Ale) for help me whit the translation.
This is the cover of the first chapter. Enjoy it!.
We are a group of three friends and everyone contribute with some ideas.
I'm Naomi and i draw the characters and other things in general.
Yani, helps with the translation and the background.
Ale, helps with the script and translation too.

I hope you like it! Comment ;3
I like your stile!