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Hey there. I'm just a lonely little high school senior with the odd dream of having my own webcomic for the past 8 years. I love drawing and writing and going to cons <3 I love to make new friends so please talk to me
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Simon needs to learn how to watch his language
February 6th, 2011
*dramatic hand gestures that indicate complete and utter confusion* I want to know what's happening!!
I need the first four panels as bookmarks
Its beyond cute!!! Moarplz!
Oh crap. That's not how you use a dinglehopper? I've been doing it wrong...
YUSH!! The page we've all been waiting for! It's so cute!!!!!
I love how much Simon's freaking out and Sergio just isn't at all. Although I'm curious as to what having a vampire for a relative does to Sergio.
Do you know how often I come to this page after a bad day, just to read the third panel and smile like an idiot thus making my day better again. A lot. And I love it everytime.
Yay! I love when you update, it makes my inbox happy again
I second the Lovelove.