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Hi, I'm Eilonwyn. (issues w/ account creation -> stupid fangirly honorific DX) I, um, used to be a huge fantasy geek. Still am. Bit of a nerd and all-around know-it-all, especially where language is concerned. Ummmm yeah, I'm way better at writing than I am at art. I never learned to draw, and therefore my attempts at trial-and-error end BADLY. But that I've seen all these great comics, I really want to try to draw something myself someday... Total newb and manga lover (don't know much else XD). Yaoi nut for sweet relationships, but I like anything that details relationships (and I'm a bit of a sap). I can always use advice and I love making friends! (Okay, more like when I'm in the mood I do, and when I'm not I have a bad habit of ignoring people. But yeah...)
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I'm awful
all I can think is "that looks pleasant now, but if brain freeze is bad I can't imagine what it'd feel when the whole scoop of ice cream falls out of the cone"
September 7th, 2015
I kinda love this dynamic, not gonna lie. Eila was totally into having sex, had a great time, has some reservations about it, really likes Tommy as a person...and isn't doing that again, just NOPE. It's all complex and there's a bunch of stuff going on, but they're both acting like enthusiastic, (reasonably) responsible adults.

Idk, it's just really cool.
"Port Overton"...has that been mentioned before? It seems like a new hint. Now I'm wondering if there were old headlines that might point towards something––it sounds like there's been at least one disaster that's wiped out an entire city.
Happy Birthday!!

I love the two kids looking at each other on the last panel. Looks like the boys are drawing a bit of attention to themselves...
And suddenly it seems a lot more reasonable for Julius to have put this much food out...
I only just found this comic, but THAT HELMET. I'd be tempted to ride a motorcycle if I got to wear a helmet with the tree of Gondor on it...I love the references in here. :3
Happy birthday! Wow, we have the same birthday, that's cool. :D
Oooh. Is Tommy talking about trans guys? Does he know trans guys? *bounce bounce*
Prettyyyy *-*
Hey––just dropping a line to say that I found this comic today and I think it's AWESOME. ;3 Thanks for sharing it with us!
Hey, loving this comic so far! Your character art is really gorgeous. :D I really want to see where the plot goes...
...I can't, they're too cute. Just way too cute. (Though where did Samekh come from, all of a sudden?)

Also, have you considered doing a Kickstarter to cover printing costs? That way people can order copies, and you'll have the money for printing ahead of time. I know *I'd* sign up right away...
September 13th, 2012
My (slightly crackish) bet is that he's wearing a bra under the outfit and doesn't want Kaidou to find out.

...Or is that too silly? X'D
Guys...I think you're being a little unfair to Kaidou here. Think about it: taking care of Ryuuta was his JOB, AND Ryuuta couldn't have known much about the city when he was set loose in it, and it still took several months for both Kaidou AND Aki to find him. Aki, on the other hand, knows all about the city, and besides, he specifically asked the other two NOT to look for him. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, under the circumstances...

Honestly, I'm most disappointed in Aki for being such a stubborn uke and holding out this long. X'D (Though since he's supposedly trying to let Kaidou be happy I should maybe technically be proud of him...)
Wow, what a great story! Your exploration of the nature of life and emotion in your works is always fascinating. I like the idea of the potential limitations of being "trapped" in certain emotions...and I'd love to get inside both these characters' heads.
I was just looking through my favorites, and realized that it's definitely not April any news on possible updates? >>;;
lol @ Sergio in the second-to-last panel...geez, with a puppy in his lap, a pretty girl on one side and Simon on the other, he better damn well have a smiley face. XD Also, THEY ARE ALL SO CUTE which I'm sure everyone has noticed already so I'm just stating the obvious. And Julius is VERY pretty here, especially on panels one and three. So overall, a ridiculously cute page. :D
@Iristella: I'm glad I'm not the only one following that line of thinking. >>; I mean, Kae's still sick... (That's assuming this isn't some kind of memory sequence, which I don't think it is, but I could be wrong.)
I wonder what exactly Aedh is doing with those glowy eyes...magic scan? Mind meld/empathy something-or-other? Given Sergio's reaction, something like the latter, probably.

Given how much of a nerd Sergio was about the science behind Simon's superpowers, it will be very interesting to see his reaction to the MAGIC he suddenly appears to have sprouted...though he does seem to be taking to it fairly well, all things considered.