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I like yaoi, animals, drawing, writing, and food 8D
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Extra Virgin Olive oil has been pressed without the help of heat, which takes longer and preserves more of it's natural flavors, and that is why it's more expensive.
Where does a butterfly go when it rains? The dog who had kittens and one other one that I don't remember the title but it was about a sheep dog that wanted to play instead of herd sheep.
Also... Sweets! Is question duck going to share?
And who's that?
I'm... not sure... Good question.
Over 40000 different spoken languages on earth. That's alot!

Love the duck! And the comic.
Well, Mokeys have tails, and also are generally smaller. Apes are larger, don't have tails and have more DNA in common with humans.Mokeys include spider monkeys, babboons, and the like, while Apes include Chimpanzes(So spelled that wrong) Gorillas and I also beleive Gibons.
Oh! I know! Mentos have small dips in it's outer shell and this causes carbon to be produced at a very quick rate, causing the bass bubble rocket thing...
they explain it better on Mythbusters... That duck would love that show.
September 21st, 2010
Most likely because there is no wind rain or sunshine in caves so it wouldn't be washed away or faded. Don't know for sure...
Cute duck!
September 20th, 2010
I'm not sure... It uses Chili peppers?
I just know Chili peppers aren't peppers at all. They're berries. They're just called peppers because that was what the spanish explorers promised to trade the natives for them when they went to Chile.
I don't know what he wrote to start with...
September 15th, 2010
Avocados are stone fruit. The same as Plums, Cherries and peaches.
Wow... your art is SO epic!
Did you know that in some native american tribes they let children choose which gender they wanted to be raised as. I'm not sure how they did it but if a boy wants to be a girl he would be raised as a woman and end up marrying a man, and if a girl wanted to be a boy, she would be raised as a man and marry a woman. There was no glass ceiling back then!
The more you know~
OMG! The old guy has a harem of sexy wolf/dog ppl! XD Just kidding... or am I? But no, seriously, your art is EPIC awesome!
*retreats to bunk*
SEXY! UNF! Although poor Biss has to go through the pain...
Woot! I'll update tomorrow maybe... I hope I peeked atleast one person's intrests...
Side Characters
Benji's best friend
Breed: Exotic
Age: 2 years
Likes: Food, sleeping, people, staying inside
Dislikes: Outside, dogs, running, water

Snake's "friend" (Self-proclaimed)
Breed: Lab mix
Likes: most anything
Dislikes: Shouting, smaller dogs

ChiChi's half sister
Breed: mix
Likes: Pizza, water, people, dogs, other cats
Dislikes: injustice, fish
ChiChi, the quiet one
Breed: Turkish Angora
Age: 4 years
Likes: Benji, her fur being brushed, the color red, 9 Lives brand catfood
Dislikes: Snake, mud, water, trees, heights
Benji, lover, not fighter
Breed: Japanese Bobtail
Age: 3 years
Likes: Snake, adventure, birds, fish, being up high
Dislikes: rainy days, depressing things, being insulted, unfair rules
Snake, The stray
Breed: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Likes: Being alone
Dislikes: Annoying things, His father
I forgot to add the scar he has on the back of his neck!