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Don't judge me for inactivity. Creativity comes in spurts.

Comic to do list:

[+] Sew Me Up
[+] Quarantine Generations
[+] Cadaver Chronicles
[+] My Guardian Demon
[+] The Somatic society

In Motion:
[offline] Missing Piece
[offline] Dear Somebody
[offline] C.o.d.e.
[offline] Sew me up

Offline = When I get back to feeling like I can draw for it.
Online = Updates every week.
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Told you it'd be up.

@filiasan: I am so glad, I do too. x3

@Harken-My-Love: I'll be watching you, watch this comic.
@milkcoffee801: FFFF. I am such a stalker...I watch you guys....Fo' sho. I am so glad that you like it, working and a working on it so HOPEFULLY I'll get through with the several pages until the prologue ends. I did sketch out the ending of the prologue so IT'S COMING and the story can really start.

@Harken-My-Love: Lol, thank you so much~ <3 And yeahhhhhh...him and his momma look (hopefully) alike. I think his father might have a problem if they didn't. xD But I know...Lupis is a bit of a perv. Also I'll answer what hunting is in the next couple pages, so hold on. x3
That's the "bitch please" stare. xD ROFL.

Lupis is a pervert.

@mildtarantula: He does what he can.
Sexy momma. xD

@BlackIchigo: WOOT! Lol, yeah I thought that I was a tad crazy there for thinking that.

@Harken-My-Love: I know right?

@milkcoffee801: FFFFFFF. Thank you....I stalked your art...>w> I am honored that you like the comic and am so happy to see a fan. <3 Thanks on the get well, I went to the doctor and they said it'll be alright. I look like a blowfish. HOPEFULLY the story will take off here soon. HURR HURR.
Had to take a quick break. :p
So full of yourself Mr. Cullen....So full....of sparkles.....
FFFFFFFFF. I know you don't obey this....I know.
Derp, here we go again. So lets see if I can keep up with this one.
January 18th, 2011
Hmmmm....this looks interesting, I think I'll fav. :3
God. This comic is amazing. I can't wait for more.
Comment virginity~....Love this so far.....can't wait to see more!
September 29th, 2010
cdscmdskvjjfkvhfv. This is AMAZING.

Gero: WTF. -slams door- I will do a response to this later.
jfhbdbfdvb....YOUR GERMAN. I am going to Germany this next summer!


See you there.....>3
คηค guys. :D

Innocence, You crack me up...You and your sexy coloring......o-o I AM SO JEALOUS....-steals your skillz- Seriously....And dksfhkgjafvbjfdv....Virgin for too long...
Gero: There is a requirement?
Me: Yes....The age Now is Twelve.
Gero:.....-WTF FACE-

AJ: Thank you...that was really fun to draw. xD

Answer: Well, it's kinda my "style" believe it or not.....I mean I use a Tablet and use the Program "Paint tool Sai"- it made me happy when Dez mentioned it earlier in another post...I mean I can make a video if you want to see. :3

Pop: THEN DUN LEAVE. D: W-we could roleplay and stuffs.....v-v



....By the way, I am gonna post my MSN on the other do-hickey mo bob (Your profile post of Ulrich) if you want it. x3 So glad you likes him.
September 28th, 2010
Thank you Vampire flower.....You best be getting more stuff up damnit. lol. But no, thank you.....

AHHHHH~! Capt.....Well you maaaayyyyyy hold him....but be careful....he reeks of dirt and grime and has a tendency to yell....alot....QvQ -hands chibi Gero- guys..tryinging to scar him. HE ALREADY HAS ENOUGH SCARS. Lol, though you know he might...walk in on jamie and Joss, just because...that's slightly humorous....Then again- I don't wan't him to attack someone already.

Awww...Capt......I am glad you like him. <3 And well, it'll either be Ulrich or Momma Keda he'll be rooming with so..(Or both if rooms are sparce)....Derp.

And Dez, I know how that is.....Gahh.ChimChim your lucky you don't have to work....Sometimes it's a real pain in the booty.
September 28th, 2010
I am sad we never got to roleplay...D: Good luck with life though....I know how that is..
Doodled these up...Thought you guys might like to see. xD Sorry I just have been able to get on today. :3 Gonna go reply to comments now. x3