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I like Megaman it's my favorite video game
I like games, online games like runescape and World of war-craft. and yugioh the abridged series
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Brown inside makes it really hard to see the text
Update later today I promise
@pat15: Shhhh, that would make too much sense
I like the new background
Is more awkward getting caught trying to commit suicide, than having sex?

Learn something new everyday
I came at a great time


I am yo biggest fan, if you beat sigma (I mean totally own his a$$) do you think you'll finally get some Respect around here

Who do you think is the bigger jerk N or Vile?

Do you think you deserve more screen time? If so who'se are you taking?
Quint stance reminds me of captain falcon
Happy New Year

Lets see how long it takes till a 1000 fans =D
Brother against brother? I don't get it...

5 stars
Whew took me a while

Just X moving along

And we get a see...I mean hear a new character
No not minecraft how did you escape?
@to Zero: Do you like your hair? If you want I could add it to my collection.

There gonna be time-travel too?
Finally caught up

Man I missed this comic, keep the updates up =D
Woah thats a long wait. sorry about that.

Glad I can finally come back to doing this
X vs Zero

taking bets now
Funniest comments ever XD
Happy Late birthday
Where Verge the meat shield?