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I found this site when I saw h0lyhandgrenade's comic Mokepon on deviantart and followed one of his links to the comic here. I explored the site a bit and saw a few that I like, so I've decided to settle in here with an account.

I probably won't make any comics, but I'm a very active and cheerful person, so if you want to talk to someone then just send me a message :D
Oh no, my heart
IT'S: kinda f**ked up tbh
@Guest: Thanks for the unnecessary rudeness; secondly, whoops, I looked back a few pages and Atty did refer to DT as a friend and that's why he wants to save her. My b.
And George has tagged along to help him, not just monitor whether he's gonna be a thief again. She beat down his solution but she's trying to help in a way that is about doing the right thing to get DT back, rather than the wrong thing.
I could genuinely see Atty have a moment of respect for George because she actually cares enough about DT to make a stand like this. Even if he won't admit how badly he wants DT back.
Muro you're too precious. Just ask already~
Uh-oh she heard him use the "f" word
Artist Atticus wants to battle!
In which the main protagonist becomes the villain and the deuteragonist becomes the hero and therefore the antagonist
Trying to challenge him in order to get that Rapidash drawn at the best quality...
Looks like a Primeape to me. Seems to have the temperament as well.
Are you trying to make George into a meme cuz I think it's gonna happen
Rasengan, bitch! >:U
Oh god I bet he's gonna love it no matter how bad it is haha
Gift art is the besssttt
This girl is 11 years old...
OK but I think this is going to be really cool???
The others seem to have had their abilities messed right up, so physical is the way to go in a fight. Victini vs. Jen's Tae Kwon Do? I like the look of this.
2: Bring it into the Pokemon Fan Club, get everyone to gawk at it
3: Steal Pokeballs while they're all distracted.
I'm just surprised that he's so intent on taking her with him
Yes, Atty. Some Pokemon actually smile.