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I found this site when I saw h0lyhandgrenade's comic Mokepon on deviantart and followed one of his links to the comic here. I explored the site a bit and saw a few that I like, so I've decided to settle in here with an account.

I probably won't make any comics, but I'm a very active and cheerful person, so if you want to talk to someone then just send me a message :D
Trying to challenge him in order to get that Rapidash drawn at the best quality...
Looks like a Primeape to me. Seems to have the temperament as well.
Are you trying to make George into a meme cuz I think it's gonna happen
Rasengan, bitch! >:U
Oh god I bet he's gonna love it no matter how bad it is haha
Gift art is the besssttt
This girl is 11 years old...
OK but I think this is going to be really cool???
The others seem to have had their abilities messed right up, so physical is the way to go in a fight. Victini vs. Jen's Tae Kwon Do? I like the look of this.
2: Bring it into the Pokemon Fan Club, get everyone to gawk at it
3: Steal Pokeballs while they're all distracted.
I'm just surprised that he's so intent on taking her with him
Yes, Atty. Some Pokemon actually smile.
@TimeSceo: Agreed
I feel like Bart is this universe's equivalent of Red
Thad is a literal woman in that last panel and I am here for it
I like how a horse and a lizard have 99% the same face and it works for both of them
Wow it almost looks like he might actually care
It's only been a few days and he's already learning to care.

Brent you soft
The life of a main character
I'd love to see Abel turn out to be the champion; or his OP brother or something.
*sweats nervously*
Well it was a good comic, we had a nice run, but I guess the next page is gonna be the last.