I found this site when I saw h0lyhandgrenade's comic Mokepon on deviantart and followed one of his links to the comic here. I explored the site a bit and saw a few that I like, so I've decided to settle in here with an account.

I probably won't make any comics, but I'm a very active and cheerful person, so if you want to talk to someone then just send me a message :D
The life of a main character
I'd love to see Abel turn out to be the champion; or his OP brother or something.
*sweats nervously*
Well it was a good comic, we had a nice run, but I guess the next page is gonna be the last.
Plot twist: Abel also stole DT from Atty
Seriously just wait until the electricity sets off the bullets on her bandolier
What if it's another Jolteon tho
Rat still looks like he's gonna cry, though... someone help him
George is making the same expression that Atty is making in your Patreon ad
We have come full circle
As expected, haha!
Probably only had 4 HP left, anyway.
My money's on DT coming in to save the day
...I stand corrected
....I bet Zap Buddy doesn't know Explosion
Oh god this feeling though
Atty caught a Charmeleon! Would you like to give a nickname to your newly caught Pokemon?
Leave, become a charizard, gain more of a disadvantage
"One of your other Pokemon with an advantage"
Use the dig TM!
In Loving Memory
Of shirt. You will never be forgotten.
Wow George looks really good with makeup on
January 28th, 2016
Best reason