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Name: Knight
HS #: 2
HS code name: The Blade of Chaos
Species: HS Child
Sub-Species: Hedgehog

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This sheet was meant for you guys to have fun with, play around with the boards and parts, edit what you like, tweak what you like, enjoy and when your done, post your boards to show us what you've done! No permission needed, just give credit with use. :D

There aren't any real rules to making a board, but I aligned all the parts and pieces by places they'd make more sense in. So it'd be easier for you guys. =D
Maybe Sonic?... o_o;
@Exerkol: Thank you. =D
Wisp: All
Color: All
Name of Ability: Chaos Blade: Prisim
Wisp: Lazer, Drill, Spikes, Rocket, Cube, Hover, Frenzy
Color: Cyan, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple
Name of Ability: Rainbow Cutter
Wisp: Burst, Rocket, Lazer, Drill, Void
Color: Red, Orange, Cyan, Yellow, Violet
Name of Ability: Color Rush
Wisp: Spikes
Color: Pink
Name of Ability: Rolling Impaler
Wisp: Frenzy
Color: Purple
Name of Ability: Consuming Wave
Wisp: Void
Color: Violet
Name of Ability: Banishing Vortex
Wisp: Cube
Color: Blue
Name of Ability: Block Summoner
Wisp: Lazer
Color: Cyan
Name of Ability: Sword Beam
Wisp: Hover
Color: Green
Name of Ability: Anti-Gravity Assault
Wisp: Drill
Color: Yellow
Name of Ability: Drill Break
Wisp: Rocket
Color: Orange
Name of Ability: Soaring Blade
Wisp: Burst
Color: Red
Name of Ability: Explosive Slash
Wisp: Boost
Color: White
Name of Ability: Accel Slice
Yes an update~ Sorry everyone for me not updated like I said I would, I moved and my internet was gone for like 2 months. DX
I guess I'll post the next comic. xD
Hmm... nice way to end it dramatically, oh, btw, I believe you spelled animals wrong at the bottom. ^^;
I totally agree on that, I'm just kinda waiting till we get some kinda goal in here. ^^;