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Herp de derp?
I am actually surprised though cause if it's a battle of ego's and pretty much zero, bass, and shadow should be fighting cause they have bigger egos then those three or is it just me releasing that?
I really like your comics there really funny
Technically you're wrong mainly both metal sonic and sonic need the emeralds to beat the other side sonic just had the advantage of friends with him
Is Armoured CX wearing a shirt?
Did phenix reallynstab himself in da eye
Check for traps, save game, ask for cake, if no cake say "make me a sammich woman, and get back in da kitchen.....and possibly some pie"
Awweesooooome and also cream most be mad at bass now...
If you think about it
A Phoenix down just coulda healed her up...... Y didn't cloud think of that before dumping her body in water.........
Speaking of buts did sonic just shoot his arm and grab viles ride armours tooshie?
Looks like heatman is steaming hot now
@hero of comedy
Actually super mans was a tipoff from captain America and many more before that
I say otherwise
@8lue ace
So the other day I went ca- GRRRRRRR
Oh no it looks like I have to save the day it's time for superm- *trips over cape* WAAAAAAAAA MOMMY!!!! I NEE-zzzzzzzzz
Lalalalala heeey prome- *sees the Mario bros* OH MY GAWD ITS TO MUCH LIGHT *eyes explode* ahh that's better wait where's my eyes *touches face* DAMNIT IT ASPLODED
ROLL A 20 SIDED DIE o_0 1-7 Mario 8-13 sonic 14-20 MM *rolls die and gets a 20* Natural 20!!!!!!!!
I think u mean and oven with out heat
Waka waka waka waka waka waka waka waka waka waka
-of course so that's y he has no eyes- o.o
True but metal sonic is a bit stronger then most and especially when it is in it's final form, and bowser outnumbers both wily and eggman in forces :P
Actually ur second
And go heatman (notices shadow behind me) I mean go shadow lol
In all seriousness go shadow