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lfja;slfdka, I love your clothes though...;; <3 So far so good!
I finally caught with nearly a hundred pages. @__@ Great work as usual and I'm very interested in what we'll happen in the follow chapters. By the way, I love all your mediums, don't be harsh on yourself. c: It's a good variety.
What makes this update so lovely....

**Cheren and Pi's resolve~~
**Pi's outwardly compassion for Pea, who seems to be embarrassed haha (and the other Pokemon being jelly).
** Professor Juniper's face.

Great work! ^p ^
Peaaaaaaaaaa you know you got this coming to you~~~
Obelix... you're such a adorable Darumaka. ; u ; I really enjoyed your Nuzlocke very muchhh hahhh. Your style of artwork, plotline, and comic style are just splendid~~~ Thank you so much for sharing!
Digletttttssss. <3 I love Rory's chat with Lun~
Your comic is precious a;lasdkfj;sa, ahhh, I'm really looking forward to seeing more. I have such enjoyment with seeing all these Pokemons and having such interesting stories to tell. c: Thank you so much for providing such a great comic!
Welcome backkkkkkk. Even though I love Moonfish, I wish the best for the new comic (and I'll quietly will be following it too). <3
Stay safe Shishi. xD Geebus Zadel, not considerate to poor Jacob's feelings but I'm not surprised... ;asdj;dsal. >>
Welcome backkkkkk.
This is quite an interesting series. xD Keep it up!
As we watch this develop, good feelings form. My kudos to these two, because I sensed stronger between in the works.
That last panel... So much emotions.
It's okay Jacob ;;

[oh god, I've been gone way too long and have so much to catch up. xD]
September 15th, 2012
Ahhhhh, this is brilliant. <3 Looks like he was expecting her for awhile, and finally have this deadly brawl.

You definitely can set us readers into being anxious. * p *
July 21st, 2012
Welcome backkkkk. Loving the coloring and style. * p*
I liked the water colored pages. ; u ; But hey, I get to see all your skills in different media~ I'll be looking forward to it!

Oooh, bio update? 8D I'm definitely looking forward to it!
July 20th, 2012
.... pfft, I just love your art style. *p*
This is one hilarious comic.
I wonder if I'm one of the feel who's like this eastern aspects of this comic. > u > Good work so far, dawww, Shenlong got his eyes on her.
asf;lkajsd, this is such a wonderful doujin for Bioshock~~ I cannot wait for you to continue this and good luck with Otakon! :D