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Freyas Treasure
First off Jack isn't my actual real name but it's what you can call me. I have other nicknames but at the moment I like that one. I'm crazy weird and into so many random things I don't dare list them. I'mma gothic girl...OMG *gasp* shocker I know. Haha. Well either way just random and fun that's about it for now.
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Omigosh! All the time! I hate this!!!!
Oo! This is my favorite!! I love this song! Your comic makes me so happy~
I love Gen~ She's so amazing~
Dawwwww! Bunny! It's so cute. I would probably act just like Ink. It's so cute and sounds kinda sad. I wanna give it a hug~
So MUCH HAPPINESS AND LOVE!!!! I have reread all of this and will keep up with it now.
-fangirl squee here-
I'm forever in love with your comics and art styles. I love your expressions and the color is just so vibrant!
I love this comic so much and so does my friend. She almost had a heart attack when she saw the sharks. She lovesssss sharks.

Sharky: It's true, I do.
I think tasty food is more tasty when you do a tasty food dance. It's just common sense. Especially if you're cooking it, then you have to dance!
That doc is totally creeptastic. Oooo I'm so curious now.
If I have to find the fountain of youth I will! I will freakin' wait until the universe turns into a speck of dust and longer for this comic!
I'm thankful for wonderful artists who put their wonderful comics up for other's enjoyments and go through the labor of making them so wonderful.
OMG you're both so tall...
Takkun is adorable in the seccond pannel. I love it!
This guys, he's strong
No shit sherlock! What part of he's a SHARK didn't you quite grasp?
I love it!
Freyas Treasure
November 11th, 2011
I've found the key to not going insane while waiting for updates on smackjeeves. I only check the webcomics every other day, instead of everyday. That way no matter what I always have at least one update to keep me sane. But I have to admit with this one I sit there and stare at the computer screen trying to will a new update to appear. It hasn't worked yet.
But I love the comic. love the characters, and have to agree completely. I would not let that wolf in my bed after all the shit that's gone down in one day.
I like your holiday list.
But I have one to add.
No decorations in the store until at least the end of november.
But I agree you need a theme song, like an awesome one!
Plot device FTW!!

I..kinda want that robe.
It looks kinda comfortable, ya know?
'Cause...yea...but I think I'd get stared at waaaaayyy too much.
I love this comic so far. I keep giggling and then being all like "oh shit...he's dead." Then I'm back to laughing and then the "WTF! You turned him down?" and my brother just walks right past completely used to my bipolor ways towards the computer.
Wow this is a really good comic. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Your artwork is gorgeous and the characters all seem really cool~
Freyas Treasure
October 19th, 2011
Don't You?
I know she's a little fluffy and a bit of an air head, not to mention the slight resemblence to...I want to say the 80's but I think I'm off...Either way, I just think Pheobe is adorable. (I have this feeling I misspelled her name)
I have this weird feeling that she's really agile and fast and magically gifted...but has suckish strength. It's just this weird vibe I'm getting...