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Hello there world~
My name says lunamagi. But can you call me kittys-yay instead? I would get a new account, but what's the point? This account is just fine.


1. I have horrible spelling
2. I am gay
3. I like ponies & rainbows
5. I love yuri to the max.
6. I do not hate yaoi, I like it (mildly)

-did you notice there is no four?-
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    Alicia Brine
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Oh wow. Technically though, Alice doesn't HAVE to drink. It's a game of being honest. And Alice doesn't HAVE to be honest about it. She could just sit there with a smug ass look and be thinking 'ya nobody but me and that girl I kissed know I kissed a girl'
I'm fine if there's no tone. And I would gladly donate, but I have no monies. -curls into ball- -sobs- ONE DAY I WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE GREATNESS.
what if that unicorn is actually a guy? That'd be ironic it'd be like 'thanks for the help.. but I'm actually a guy.'
oh my god it's so majestic! You did a wonderful job on this and I can't wait to see what happens next.
oh my god ;u; it's adorable! wonderful page and the colours in the final panel were great. I like the sunset. I can never make proper sunsets.

Also I can just tell Ireth and Vespera are gonna be great friends.
aww yus I ship this even if it doesn't last it's so cute~
Sienna Fain, our main character of this story.
Yup as the picture suggests. I'm revising this comic once again. I apologize. But I really felt like this wasn't what I wanted. At the time, ya it was. But I look back and realize this was sort of random. And my art has also improved sooo ya. And I didn't like some of the characters and ideas that I had for them.

So ya. I already have the chapter cover ready and I'll probably make a sketch of the first page. I'm wondering would you guys be okay if I upload the sketch page first than later make the good copy. It's so I don't miss pages. Cause honestly I have more sketch pages than I do digital.

However be aware sketch pages are pretty messed up. I typically do them in pen cause I HATE using pencil unless it's to be a good good picture. So ya.

And well I hope you guys stick around. I didn't delete the old pages, but they've been moved so you can still look at those.
you are a great artist. And boy does that cat ever look adorable!
dat hair. And I know that feel.
December 20th, 2013
Another filler... I'm hoping to get the new page up next update. And it seems I have lost my pages.... welp. gotta make more.

And these Fillers are completely random and dumb. So ya. Don't be mad or hatin on me.
December 14th, 2013
Ya lately I just haven't been able to make pages. It's a matter of several reasons, but I don't want to name em. so have this random filler
they are a bit big, but even then. I think that if someone wanted to they could zoom out. Besides, a bigger page gives you more space to work, right? At least that's what I think, so I think it's fine right now.
in the last two panels you forgot to colour the left eye white.
November 9th, 2013
here is the next page! With a buncha greys! I took the advice of someone.

I think it looks great. So this is how the pages are gonna look now. So ya, enjoy~
I bet you. Something very bad is gonna happen and it's gonna ruin there date thingy.
November 5th, 2013
@arswiss: Thanks. I will try that. But I might not be able to update every saturday anymore (not like I did anyways but stilll)
November 2nd, 2013
And finally a comic on time~ yessssssssss.

So anyways. A bit of reading here, sorry 'bout that if you don't like reading. But you know, you gotta know what's going on to understand what comes next and stuff~ Also trying out a new style. I really like it so I'm probably gonna keep it. Cause to me it looks slightly realistic. I dunno... leave me alone -curls up into a ball-

So ya, enjoy the page. I hope to be on time next Saturday.
October 28th, 2013
Hey guys. Sorry it's late a few days. I tried to get it done yesterday (I got the lineart done, but I was to lazy to get the eyes done) and I finished it up today. I'm sorry and I'm gonna try and update on saturdays a bit more. But no promises, cause I'm lazy and sometimes things happen (like I forget)

So ya, here you go. OH and the girl who's texting Conner, she's kinda important. You'll learn much more about her in the later chapters.