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I have long dark brown hair (mistaken 4 black alot-_-) that covers my left eye, blue grey eyes, and paleish skin. I always have on my thick black fram glasses and if I'm caught in a dress or skirt, without shorts or pants underneath, it's a miracle... or a sign of the Apocalypse. I like dark blue, below 70 degrees teperatures, music thats dark or a bit before my generation, anime/manga, drawing, writing, reading, lemon drops, sitting in trees, my friends, family, and rain(no thunder please!). Before anyone asks I'M NOT EMO OR GOTH! And I have no sanity left in me so crazy and/or random things will happen. Peace!
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*shots lady in tree alot* DIE! >:D*jump in room and put cat nip in front of Haru's and Katsu's noses* SNIFF! XD
Map.... Okay it's kinda funny *trying not to laugh*
Koko has the same look I do when about to attack someone! Oh, the awesomness of scaring your enemy!
O_o' Koko. Calm down.
I say the ears and tail are cute.
*sees person hidding* must...kill...
His name is!!!!! *drumroll*
Aliens... I thought they were after Kyle's little canadian brother
... no secret...
well... at least she knows now...
*starts to cry for Tei*
*looks up* oh the possibilities...
Wait, why does Seby want to know about Scuttel's love life?
*pulls out yaoi pattel* remove the shirts!
where will this lead too? hmm...
hee hee
So that's why my mom says to keep a book by the bed... I don't think I'd hit Haru.
I want a bodyguard like jimmy
poor haru. how can you be so mean? *sniffel*
I'm having the same problem and question.