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This is so random
I know this is really random because I've never commented before (sorry, I'm a silent, creepy reader!), but I drew fanart for the comic!

Um, love the comic, by the way! I've been following it for quite a while, and I've read it over and over again! I even got one of my friends hooked on it; we love your art!

Okies, I feel like a weirdo, so I'm just going to shut up now.
Ho snap!
Well shit... XD
Awww, Sergio! He cracks me up.
Now that you mention it, it looks kinda like Russia, but I was focused on the back of the blond's head because, for some reason, I really like his hair line ._. *is weird*

Must suck to be called a horrible person to his face, though.
Ohmigoodness. That face. His chin! Ohmigoodness X3
I love Sifris's room
Okay, okay, I see the new Star Trek movie poster, a Kill Bill poster...what the poster on the right? :3

Oh, and what a disgustingly awesome landlord~