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HAHAHAHAHA!! Looks like it's hit turn for the strange dreams XD
Finally he tried out the Tutoring option! Now he'll at least be able to get closer to the guy in some shape or form.
And Herz has officially snapped. Poor guy :(
January 15th, 2012
Poor Herzy :(
Freaking Yes! Grimmjows back!
No Herzy, you can't die! You're my freaking favorite. People love you.
I started laughing my ass off after reading the first bubble XD
Why did I not see this coming?
Oh man this doesn't look like it's gonna end well -_-;
But Eric say yes!!!!
how mean
man i love how you drew that falling scene I can't get a falling scene to look right
-_-; I have a bad feeling...
this isn't the first time that i have herd a story about something like this LOL
I love moments like this. It just makes life so much more entertaining e.e~