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I am a University Student/Barista with interest in art, music, video games, computers, baking/cooking, movies, and occasionally anime.

Also, I live in Western Canada.
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Wait wait wait...
He says she has long hair and that she looks like a goddess? And he can't smell?

Makes me think she has something like Circes (Or is Circes) and is making everyone see something because of her scent, but Ahr can't smell so he doesn't see it?

That or Ahr is just so into her that no matter what she's super beautiful to him. Doesn't explain the long hair thing though.

Well, guess we'll find out sooooon...!
Deer in headlights HAH, I get it.
haha Animaniacs reverse reference, I like it haha. Also, she must be curious because he's jewish
Just reading through for a second time..and I noticed he said "What's the matter with you?"

But all I could think about was the italian stereotype phrase "Whatsa' matta' you?"

I'm so sorry.
I'm positive it's autism now. I left a comment a few pages back speculating it and Deda hinted that I guessed correctly. One mystery solved! (I assume at least)
That reminded me of my friends autistic family (yes, that means ALL of them are). They tend to flip out over things like being startled by an alarm clock though, hehe.
Ah, autistic, that makes sense! Well, a syndrome of some sort at least. The horny comment was a joke, but I'm glad I learned something because of it. Y'all are smart.

I'm loving the little hints and details of the comic, it's one of the best things.
Yes! Mystery solved. It was bothering me before that I couldn't figure it out, haha.

Clever background details you have there ;)
Ahhh, the source of the hearts is that's Pifo and Quoque? Rose seems to be in another area of the room that's fenced off or separate from the rest...and she's looking down on something. Just reading it over after reading the blog haha.
It's okay guys, I think Josh is always horny. All the time. So he's used to the feeling; he does kiss everything anyway without the soup in his system. That, or he's immune to blushing, and is secretly plotting.
oh hey
first time reading. I'm guessing she femninja? Naw, I'll be wrong, just watch. Well, technically you already know...

Anyways, awesome comic, best power ever. I freaking love zombies.
February 3rd, 2011
Reminds me of NAWLZ haha
Habel? Like "Cain and Abel", only "Kane and Habel" haha? If I understood correctly at least.
D'aww He looks so cute in the last panel.
Yes, oh yes
Cat is gorgeous...just look at that face in the last panel, just so great :D
Oh hi there
I love love love the first panel, Cat's face is so yes, so very yes. I'm not even sure why I love it so much haha.