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Ok, sooo. . .
I have a few comic ideas, which I'm working on.
I'm not the best artist out there, and I'm working on getting better.
I don't work on my comics as much as I should (hence why none of them are anywhere to be found yet).
I REALLY need to practice with my tablet in PS so I'm not terrible.
Uhhh, yeah. That seems to be it for now.
Wow Sasha is such a cutie! <3
Love your comic and I could never imagine I would stop reading it or find it boring :)
It's been 3 long months.
But we're getting back on track!
I'm going to finish uploading the prologue, then I'm going to retouch the beginning so all of the pages will look nice.
Chapter 1 is still being worked on by Kat (The Artist), but it's coming along nicely! :)
Sorry this page is late! I've been busy with school work, seeing as I'm graduating a 2 weeks.
Happy Zombie Jesus Day everyone, the next page will be up in a bit.
And so it begins.
FINALLY!! We get to upload some pages :)
I didn't mean to upload this late! D:
Enter this mysterious, nameless, girl.
Kukuku!~ And so the plot starts >:3
Thanks to my Co-conspirer Kat for drawing up the first cover image! :D